Welcome to the newest version of our beloved Gaming Heavens, its been months in development but thanks to hard work it's finally here.

The most dramatic improvement is the website design which is much more modern and includes a brand new colourscheme for GH, away from the grey dullness of the past and to a nice red and cream.

Another change we would like to highlight is we have brought back the famous games page from way back on Runegamer along with the introduction of a site-wide chatbox. We hope you have fun reliving the glorious moments on Copter.

To view a list of all of the changes to the website please visit the weekly update.

We also plan on running a 'week of giveaways'. Every day for one week starting Monday 25th February we will run a giveaway. The loots include anything from PC Games to WoW Membership to Runescape Cash Cards so be sure to stick around and enter the giveaways.