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You should hop on and say hi! Server IP: mc.gamingheavens.com

A Minecraft server for the elite. server ip: mc.gamingheavens.com

No longer do you have to play with the plebeians found on the “other” servers. Ours is fully equipped with the latest in anti-dipshit technology. Not only do we thwart griefing with ease, but also empoly a vetting process to weed out the un-gentlemanly persons that live among us. We are confident that you will find a welcome home on our server.

Excited? We sure are. Our community is full of colourful, witty, lucious, and sexually repressed members from all corners of the globe. Become one today!

Want a little peep show?

Below is a random rotation of videos from our server created by anyone who’s anybody!

Our basic rules

  • Only assholes grief. And we love to ban assholes.
  • Be kind to each other. If you want to call someone's mom fat, go play Call of Duty.
  • Do not ask to be promoted/opped. A mod or admin will once they feel you are ready.
  • Tasteful swearing only. If it helps prove your point, then it's okay — just don't be excessive.
  • Be mindful. Don't build your giant, golden penis right next to someone else's house — move it a few dozen blocks away so it doesn't spoil their view.
  • Mods will not spawn you items. You will only be able to get items from spawn signs, creative mode inventories, or actually working for it — not from mods.

Rule violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We trust our moderator's judgement to make the right calls. They're always rational so just use your common sense!

Server cartography

Behold your creations and stalk other people — all from the comfort of your browser.
Protip: Expand the world list with the little arrow on the right!

Sorry, the live map is unavailable when the server is offline! Come back later!

Essential command list

This table contains all commands. Just select which rank you are and see what you are allowed to do!

Group Command Effect Notes
Guest /who Lists who's online
Guest /motd Shows MOTD Not really updated daily
Guest /rules Shows server rules
Guest /spawn Teleports you to the world's spawn
Guest /call [player] Request to be teleported
Guest /whereami Co-ordinates / compass reading
Guest /mvl List worlds on the server
Guest /mvw List who's in which world
Guest /mvtp [world] Teleport to a different world
Guest /warp [warp] Go through a warp It's like teleportation
Guest /warps List warps
Member /msg [player] [message] PM someone else
Member /sethome Sets home for current world
Member /home Teleport to your home
Member /lwc Secure chests and other things
Member /vote [yes/no] Vote on a kick/ban poll Initiated by a mod or admin
Member /chunkinfo Details about the chunk you're in
Donator /kit [name] Recieve item kits
Donator /setwarp [name] Create public warp Do not abuse
Donator /slap Slap yourself
Donator /rocket Rocket yourself
Donator /barrage Barrage yourself with arrows
Donator /heal Heal yourself
Mod /time [time] <world> Change the time
Mod /spawnmob [mob] Unleash mayhem and destruction NO GHASTS
Mod /warps del [name] Delete a warp
Mod /say [message] Broadcast a message
Mod /slap [player] Slap another player
Mod /rocket [player] Rocket another player
Mod /barrage [player] Barrage another player
Mod /whois [player] Information about another player
Mod /mute [player] Gag another player /unmute to disable
Mod /kick [player] <reason> Kick another player
Mod /ban [player] <g> <reason> Ban another player The g flag means global
Mod /weather [condition] <world> Change the weather
Mod /give [player] [item] <#> Give someone else items
Mod /i [item] <#> Give yourself items
Mod //wand Wand tool Read the WorldEdit docs
Mod // Enable/disable superpickaxe
Mod /tool [tool] Make your current item useful
Mod /brush [brush] Make your pickaxe useful
Mod /fill [block] Fill a hole
Mod /fixlava <radius> Fix uneven lava flows
Mod /fixwater <radius> Fix uneven water flows
Mod /snow <radius> Make it snow Also causes ice
Mod /thaw <radius> Make it thaw
Mod /ex Stop a fire
Mod /butcher <radius> Kills all mobs within the radius
Mod /drain <radius> Drain a fluid Use sparingly
Mod /god Become invincible /ungod to disable
Mod /hawk here Find out who changed an area
Mod /hawk tool Find out who changed a specific block
Mod /hawk rollback p:[player] Rollback a griefer's work easily Read the docs!
Mod /pex [promote/demote] [player] Promote/demote a member
Admin * You're just awesome

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why can I only build on "newbies" and "flatlands"?

A: You must sign up to be a member.

Q: What can I do to fast-track my promotion?

A: Come chat with us on our Ventrilo server and get to know everyone!

Q: What is a "regular"?

A: Simply a person who regularly comes to the server. It shows dedication, and has a prerequisite of being a member.

Q: Where is the server hosted?

A: Northern Utah, United States by one of our admins, Martyj.

Q: Can I appeal a ban?

A: Yes. Global bans can be contested here, and local bans here.

Q: I died on the hardcore world twice. How can I get back?

A: Sorry, you'll have to wait a week for the world ban to reset. Until then, enjoy your time on one of our other worlds!

Q: What is allowed on hardcore?

A: PvP, pillaging, and griefing are all fair game on this world. Make sure you're far from spawn!