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TF2 is a Beautiful Game [GALLERY]

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I've taken a bunch of screenshots on TF2 over the past few months, and I've just spent an hour picking the best and tweaking them to better emphasize the more spectacular bits. TF2 really is an awesome looking game. Most of these were taken on the death screens when your view is zoomed in on your killer.

Enjoy. :(


=SoB= SM being a badass.


Bonked heavy.


Hats off to the heavy!


What's left of =SoB= Peter... typical.


Hooked jumping for joy. Only because he finally killed me.


Uber denied!


Can pyros fly?


Solder... throwing rockets?




Run for it!


Try and catch me up here.


Pissy sniper.


Smug bastard.


KGB heavy.


Firing one off.


Sentries just chillin'.


Spy sapped my sentry!


Engineer, stuck to wall.


Sniper criss-cross.


Simply a badass demo.

The full gallery is here.

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I almost cried, what a view! I wish I had enough beef on my rig to achieve a better detail. And he used either thee F5 or Screenshot button when he got killed, which takes out all the name, score, and chat gibberish. I <3 TF2.


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If you save a .dem file, you can replay a match for very little HDD space, recording specific sections you want, or taking specific screenshots. This means if you have a weaker machine, you don't have to run Fraps consistently, and if you simply want screenshots, you can do awesome things like use the drive feature to get some amazing shots. If you want a specific guide on how to record and use .dems, as well as the features associated with it, I haven't got links to a text guide, but I do have links to a video guide. While the video is for L4D2, since the source engine is the same, it works the same.

The animation done by Valve in team fortress two is nothing short of beautiful. The shapes are easily identifiable, allowing instant recognition and response, possibly saving your life. The characters look absolutely wonderful, and the lighting and shadow effects they applied stops bleeding into backgrounds. Team Fortress 2 is without a doubt a great example of how to make a beautiful game without having an ultra "OMG REALISM" feel.

Tl;dr: use .dems, learn to read long posts, since mine was short as hell.

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