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Mojang's Minecraft Laws

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So I don't know how many of you take a look at the Mojang homepage, but Mojang has recently put up a post letting down the law of how Minecraft servers should work.


These are the laws:




You are allowed to charge players to access your server

So long as the fee is the same for all players, you are allowed to charge for access to your server. You are not allowed to split your playerbase into paying, and non-paying users, nor can you restrict gameplay elements to different tiers of player.

Basically, if you’re charging for access to your server, you are selling a “ticket” and there can only be one type of ticket, regardless of how much people are willing to spend.


You are allowed to accept donations

You are allowed to accept donations from players. You can thank them publicly or in-game, but can’t give preferential treatment for donating. You are not allowed to restrict gameplay features in an attempt to make money.


You are allowed to provide in-game advertising or sponsorship opportunities
You are allowed to put adverts in your Minecraft worlds to help with costs. If used within reason, adverts and sponsorship can be appropriate ways to fund a server.


You are allowed to sell in-game items so long as they don’t affect gameplay
We don’t mind you selling items in game, but they must be purely cosmetic. Pets, hats, and particle effects are OK, but swords, invincibility potions, and man-eating pigs are not. We want all players to be presented with the same gameplay features, whether they decide to pay or not.

There is one exception to this rule – capes! We have a lot of fun making cool capes for extra-special members of our community and Minecon attendees. We’d like to keep them as exclusive as possible. So, yeah, no capes please, even if you’re giving them away for free.


You cannot charge real-world cash for in-game currency
We don’t mind in-game currencies which are earned through playing, but you are not allowed to sell them for real-world cash. Remember – if the stuff you sell affects gameplay, we’re not cool with it.


Don’t pretend to be us. Provide your customers with loads of info
If you do decide to monetise your server, you must clearly state that the purchase is not associated with Mojang, declare who the money is going to, and provide a purchase history and contact details. You should also check the legality of selling digital items in your specific region.


As I see it, Minecraft players are not going to be happy with these laws being implemented. My questions are, what if a server doesn't follow these laws? How is Mojang going to monitor that? Could they possibly edit the coding in the game so that they can take over whatever server they want? 


Any thoughts?



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Read about this the other week. I think Mojang is right to call out the bullshit servers which sell in-game money - that shit is wrong. I can also understand not giving people benefits for donating, a donation is supposed to be a thank you for the server and not a I'll "donate" but only so I can teleport. It's something we do on Gaming Heavens and it's something we're going to have to change.

I think Mojang is going to damage is popular community a shit ton by this. I don't mind that some people pay for special benefits on a server so long as I can have fun for free too. I can see more and more servers having to change to this "pay to play" nonsense that Mojang is promoting and they're userbase is going to drop so much. Right now I can save 20 servers and play on whichever one I choose and be happy, if I have to pay to play on them, I'm probably only going to play on 2 or 3.

As for Mojang keeping track of all this, I highly doubt they will. I just think that they'll concentrate on the huge monopoly servers that are raking in a nice profit. Servers with 0-5 players on will barely get noticed in my opinion. That said - if GH ever gets back up and running, we'll follow the rules.

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Are they actually laws though? I thought laws were like 'Thou shalln't kill', and how do are they going to impose these rules anyway? So many add-ons available it'd all have to be official to keep track of it.

I paid my £20 or whatever Alpha cash, who gives a white bum!

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There's nothing they can do to server versions from  before this post. But upcoming server software, they can reject license to the software making it illegal for you to run. Assuming they set everything up in a legal manner with software licenses of course.

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Mojang have posted a follow up Q&A


Thanks for all the questions you’ve sent over regarding last week’s EULA post. It’s a lively topic.

A group of Mojangstas met this morning to discuss the most common questions we received over the weekend. The following post is the result of that discussion.

Though we’re happy to clarify, most of these points were mentioned in last week’s explanation of the EULA. Please give it a read before diving into this more detailed Q+A.

Are any servers exempt to the EULA?

No. It affects all servers and players equally.

Do server hosts have a grace period to implement changes to their servers?

Yes. All servers must comply with the EULA by August 1st, 2014.

Can I charge for access to my server?

Yes. How players join a server is up to you. Single entrance fees or subscriptions are both allowed.

How often am I allowed to charge players to access my server?

You can charge players as regularly as you like. You can even charge for timed access if you think it’s the best way to monetise your server.

What counts as a server? Are proxies one big server, or lots of smaller ones?

A server is something a user connects to with their client. The user is on a different server when they leave one and manually join another (in the multiplayer screen). Virtual servers and proxies make no difference here, to the client it’s the same server.

Can I charge access to a specific part of my server, such as a minigame or world?

No, you cannot charge for any part of a server other than the initial access. Once on a server, all players must have the same gameplay privileges. You may make a different server for the user to connect to which features “premium” areas, and charge for access to that server instead, but the benefits cannot carry over to your other servers.

So can I charge for my minigames or mods?

Yes, so long as all players on your server have access to the features.

Can I offer a limited trial period for all users?

Yes. So long as both trial and paying users have access to the same gameplay features during the trial, we’re cool with it.

Can I give paying users priority access to my server?

Yes, but you cannot restrict gameplay elements to specific users.

Does the EULA still apply for access to user-created mods?

Yes. It doesn’t make a difference who made the mods, or how they were implemented onto your server. All mods require Minecraft to run. You are not allowed to charge for Minecraft features which affect gameplay.

What do you mean by “hard currency” compared to “soft currency”?

Hard currency is real money or anything that can be converted into real money, including Bitcoins. Soft currency is available in-game only, and has no real-world value. The restriction in the EULA only apply to hard currency; you may unlock anything with soft currency.

Can I sell “kits” for hard currency if I provide a balanced alternative for non-paying users?

If the “kits” contain gameplay-affecting features they are not allowed. Gameplay balance is not relevant to the EULA. If the items included in the kit are purely cosmetic, you can charge real money/hard currency.

My server features a currency that you can earn through gameplay, but which can also be bought for hard currency. Is that OK?

Soft currencies that are solely earned in-game are fine, but you cannot sell in-game currency for hard currency. Hybrid/dual currency systems are not allowed.

Can I sell boosters, which provide faster gold gain, XP, or other in-game resources for hard currency?

No – boosters, item generators, and all other features that affect gameplay are not allowed.

So how do I make money from cosmetic items?

You can sell cosmetic items for hard currency directly or allow players to fund an “account” specific to your server. It’s up to the host of the server to decide how this works. Remember that capes are the exception to this rule – you are not allowed to give them away or sell them.

Can I sell ranks on my server?

Yes. Ranks are allowed so long as any perks gained are cosmetic. Coloured names, prefixes, special hats etc. are fine.

Can users purchase something that affects the entire server, such as a temporary XP boost?

Yes, but everyone who can access the server must be able to use the feature, regardless of whether they purchased it or not.

Can I award all players with a gameplay feature if I reach a donation goal within a time period

Yes, so long as all players receive the benefit regardless of who donated then it’s OK.

Can I charge for access to server commands?

Yes, as long as their effects are purely cosmetic. Commands that affect gameplay, such as a command to fly, cannot be sold for hard currency.

If all players get access to a feature such as a plot of land, can I sell access to multiple plots for hard currency?

No – that would be a gameplay affecting change, so it’s not allowed. All player who access your server must have the same gameplay features offered to them. The same rule applies to items, such as potions.

How should servers deal with users who have already spent hard currency on features that affect gameplay?

Users may keep the perks they’ve paid for on the condition that the same perks are available to other players on the server (directly or purchasable using soft currency). It’s up to the server host to decide how to compensate users for previous transactions.

Phew. That was a long one. Thanks for reading, everybody!

Owen – @bopogamel and the Mojangstas

I'm actually one of the guys who agree with Mojang on this, they're not stopping server owners from making money at all they're just saying give everyone an equal chance. We can still make money from access or cosmetic items (cosmetic items or titles/ranks) just not special permissions like flying.

We've got until August to implement the changes, I'll try and work on the changes myself soon and then issue a statement in site news regarding the changes and how it affects existing donators.

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