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RuneScape old days

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Digging through my various folders for a video I stumbled upon ages ago. A precious memory to me, so wish me luck finding it.

But on my journey I found some pictures that I will probably put up in due course, of some old runescape days.

First of which was when my old clan mate, John Columbo and I were joined by the one and only Lil Job Pi for a dungeoneering session.



Here's some RuneFest 2011 pictures. I know they are on the forum somewhere already but merh. XD



 KK and QBD concept art :3



Aaand a picture of my clan's pumpkin I poorly carved XD



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Cool pictures! I love the older versions of games because they seem like you have a lot more fun playing them. I've been playing a rsc private server that you can play on your mobile device. It's fun you are on the go! I hope to see more old school games being able to be played on our mobile devices!

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