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The latest dev blog is up.

(Sorry I've been late in posting these, I've been pretty busy and lazy)

So, the second content poll has now finished with over 75,000 of you taking part. The biggest and one of the most time consuming updates will be bringing back F2P style worlds. These F2P style worlds will only be accessible by members but are limited so that the skills, items and areas act as a F2P world. This offers a whole host of opportunities for the community.

The biggest opportunity is going to be for the Pk community. Do you remember the days of hanging out just north of Varrock waiting to jump over the ditch and pumelling someone to death? You will soon be able to do that in a F2P environment.

Of course many of you will be asking what difference does it make whether they PK in a F2P environment or a members environment? The difference is that in F2P you do not have the range of weapons, armour and equipment that members have. This means that the skill involved in PKing becomes more important as the armour and equipment two opponents have is often the same. It is no longer who has the best set up, but who knows when to pray, when to swap weapons and when to eat.

The community which will most keenly benefit from the F2P environment will be the clans. On top of all the skills they have to show as PKers, they will also have to be organised to be successful. The clan that can focus on one enemy, tank when they need to and return quickest will hold the field. Soon we hope to see battles like this happening.

So, when can you expect to see FTP worlds and what will we do when you get them?

We hope to have these worlds in place in around a month’s time, and shortly after that we will be announcing details of the Old School PVP competition. So, get your rune sets and your strength pots ready, F2P war is coming to Old School.


Mod Mat K

Taken directly from: http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/DevBlog:F2P_Content_Restricted_Worlds

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