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Jagex posted a statement today clearing up some worries players had about losing their free membership.

We have seen a number of players contacting us today regarding an apparent drop in the number of membership days they have left on their accounts, as shown in the Old School RuneScape lobby. This is here to clarify what the membership number of days means and why it has changed.

On 22nd February 2013, as I’m sure you’re aware, voting opened as to whether we should put the ‘Old School’ servers back up. In order to be able to vote, you needed to be a member of RuneScape and in return, everyone that voted was given guaranteed access to play ‘Old School’ servers until the 31st March 2013.

Previously, the page displayed the amount of days left until the 31st of March. Some players saw this as membership they had purchased, whereas this was simply showing the amount of days access still available to play Old School RuneScape without an active subscription.

The number of days membership you can now see on the ‘Old School’ lobby relates to the number of days of remaining RuneScape membership you have left on your account. You will be able to see they match if you look at your RuneScape lobby page.

Rest assured this is still the case, even if your membership runs out before that date, you will still be able to play as promised (if you voted in the Old School poll). In order to be eligible to play on the ‘Old School’ servers beyond 31st March 2013, you must have an active membership to RuneScape in place. If you need to top up your membership time, simply head over to the subscription page using the handy link here.

To clarify, we can assure you that you haven't lost any days of membership, we've simply adjusted the number of days on the ‘Old School’ page to match your actual RuneScape membership and all that are eligible can enjoy the ‘Old School’ servers for free until 31st March 2013 (inclusive).


Taken directly from the runescape wiki:



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