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What is Runespan?

Please note that Runespan is a SAFE activity.

The Runespan is a Runecrafting training method released on 30th April 2012. Using rune essence, players can siphon rune energy from creatures that roam the area, or from intermittent nodes. This gives Runecrafting experience that was designed to be the best in the game. When leaving the Runespan, all runes you have created will be taken away by the guild wizards and converted into points which can be spent on rewards, as the Runecrafting Guild claims ownership of the Runespan, for it is located in the realm of the guild.

Although debated in the Runecrafting Guild, Wizard Finix claims the runecrafting altars currently used to craft runes will become unstable, and the Runespan will become the only method to create runes. It is in another dimension where runes can be pulled from elemental nodes or from the wildlife. The Runespan is located in islands in the "vast sea of nothingness" which surrounds the guild.

Runes obtained in Runespan cannot be used to cast any spells other than for passing platforms.


Inside the Runespan

General Gameplay

Players do not need to take anything with them into Runespan, either worn or in inventory, although some choose to take weight-reducing gear (which is generally unnecessary) or teleport objects. In particular, players should not take any runes or essence with them.

  • Start by collecting 25 essence from floating essence.
  • Interact with creatures and concentrated energy nodes.
    • Siphon creatures to turn essence into runes and. Once the creature is drained it gives more essence. Experience is awarded for siphoning. Each different creature produces a specific rune.
    • Chip away at creatures to collect essence. Note: this is counter-productive because each different creature consume a specific rune type in order to be chipped at. This results in a loss of reward points.
    • Siphon concentrated energy nodes for more runes and experience. Each concentrated energy node produces a specific rune or set of runes. Concentrated energy nodes do not give more essence when they are drained.

    [*]Transport from island to island on each level at the cost of runes. Each transport platform costs different runes, which are displayed on the platforms themselves and in the examine text of the platforms.

    [*]At specific locations, climb between lower levels and higher levels.

    [*]Optionally participate in two Distractions and Diversions specific to Runespan (the yellow wizard and the runesphere) for an experience reward.

    [*]Exit by asking any wizard for a teleport back to the Wizard's Tower or by using any other teleport method. All runes and essence are turned into points when players leave.


Law Hound


Runes gathered in Runespan are taken by the Runecrafting Guild if you leave the Runespan. In return, you receive Runespan points to spend on various rewards. It is possible to buy a second wicked hood, but it will not give extra free runes, essence or teleports each day.

Rewards are exclusive only to members.

Points can be spent in Wizard Finix's reward-shop next to the Runecrafting Guild portal.

Wicked hood, 175 points, No requirements

Wicked robe top, 15,000 points, 80 Runecrafting

Wicked legs, 7,500 points, 55 Runecrafting

Wicked cape, 2,500 points, 30 Runecrafting

Lesser runic staff, 5,000 points, 30 Runecrafting and 30 Magic

Runic staff, 12,500 points, 60 Runecrafting and 50 Magic

Greater runic staff, 25,000 points, 90 Runecrafting and 75 Magic

Massive pouch, 1,000 points, 90 Runecrafting

What is Esteem?

Esteem is purely cosmetic; it does not affect siphoning rates. For every level earned, esteem changes the design/symbol on the wicked hood, cape and robes.

The symbol for the corresponding rank is also displayed on the back of the wicked hood, the left shoulder of the wicked robe top, and the front of the wicked legs.

Rank 1 (the highest tier) is required for the trimmed completionist cape and costs 211,860 points total.

Buying a rank subtracts the cost from the higher ranks. For example, buying the tier 10 rank at 15 points will reduce the cost of all ranks by 15 points so buying tier 9 after tier 10 would only cost an additional 45 points.


You can re-colour your equippedwicked equipment for 2000 points total. If a full set of robes of one colour is desired, it would be cheapest to obtain the full set, equip it, and then purchase the recolour.

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