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Greet­ings to the Gam­ing Heav­ens community.

As part of expand­ing the web­site and our ser­vices, we have began our own blog. Right now, it is run­ning sep­a­rately to the rest of the web­site how­ever with the release of V3 it should be fully inte­grated with the website.

The blog will fea­ture arti­cles from Gam­ing Heav­ens con­trib­u­tors on cross-platform gam­ing and gen­eral technology.

As you can see from the image above, the blog uses a respon­sive theme, this means that the theme should auto­mat­i­cally adjust so that it gives you the best user expe­ri­ence no mat­ter what kind of device or size screen you are using whether you be at home on your desk­top or on the go on your phone.

Sound interesting?

The blog can be found here and posts will begin to pop up within the next few days.

Please feel free to give us some feed­back and sug­ges­tions either by email, ven­trilo or on the forums.

Thank you,


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