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1.2 is scheduled to drop today, so anticipate some server downtime. If you'd like to continue playing, just don't update your game. We'll keep the server on 1.1 until we're ready for 1.2, which could be the same day or a couple after.

I'll be hanging out in the #bukkit IRC channel to get an accurate eta on an updated craftbukkit build. It should be quick though - the problems come with the plugins. The important ones (MV, Hawk, WorldGuard, etc.) have already been tested against the snapshots, but I'm worried about some of the others.

We're running solid plugins whenever we can help it but I'll keep you posted.

Whatever the case, this sure beats the hMod days. That was some horseshit. The entire community ground to a halt because the project leader went on a two week vacation to Vancouver BC and wasn't around to approve an updated server build.

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Okay so the update came in this morning and the Bukkit team surprised everyone (plugin authors included) with some breaking changes. Right now we're waiting on a few key plugins to at least get into the dev channels before un-whitelisting the server.

  • WorldGuard
  • HawkEye
  • Multiverse-*
  • MCBans
  • MCBL
  • LWC

I know that all but MCBans and MCBL are actively being worked on so we might be up again tonight.

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I hope the people who made MC could work their own game.

I think Multiverse will be the major one! I'm not sure what MCBL is, and I've never actually used/seen MC bans except when people with 2+ accounts come online, and when some dude was kicked for saying "ass" repeatedly.

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Actually, all of the worlds were re-generated because for some reason the conversions weren't triggered. That's what you get for using dev builds I guess!

Nothing was lost though. Right now I'm downloading all of the region files (around a gig total) and converting them on my computer. Then I'll re-upload and we'll be all set!

Worlds like flatlands and islands will be disabled for the time being as they use custom world generators which will also need to be updated to the new Anvil format. If we were to continue running these worlds, any new chunks would be generated normally (mountains and such).

Edit: Okay, the only plugins we are waiting on now are MV-Portals and MV-Inv, likely done today. Then the server will be open to guests again.

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