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my 3 to 4 day rollercoaster - contains language

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Had friends over on tuesday, dominos and pizza hut do "two for tuesdays" my friend graham likes pizza hut because dominos keep screwing up his order (he cant do the tomato sauce) and like, everyone else in the world prefers dominos.

i asked dan if he wanted to come, he and my brother could get dominos. but my brother had to be an ass and say he didnt want to because it'd cost him some money (twat), so i asked my friend callum if he wanted to come. so he did, and graham brought his friend, and now mine, zoey.

ended up having a mini party, dan, graham and zoey went to asda and got alcohol of various kinds. sambuca for flaming sambuca. looked amazing in the dark tbh, cidre, beer, vodka.

now me being me, i don't drink. so i'm relatively boring.

anyhoo, night goes on, dan goes to throw up in the toilet. but overall, nothing bad happened in anyway.

next day we clear up, everyone but dan buggers off home. we fall asleep again (having slept for 4 hours) and im woken up by my dad getting home.

dan goes away back home.

dad confronts me about having a "party" although I don't call that a party honestly.

I believe my brother decided he'd be an ass and tell him about it like the fucking 10 year old cunt that he is... I really loathe my brother and how much of an asshole he is, whether it's eating food I bought for myself with my own money, eating everything, "telling on me" or just acting like a fucking child whenever he's around me.

He's 22 and acts like a brown nosing kid.

In anycase, I didn't get in trouble, how could I? Nothing was damaged or dirty. I'm relatively responsible unlike john. Even when there was a hole in a shot glass, sambuca on the kitchen counter, and we set fire to it XD

As I said, all in all, good night.

Had an interview yesterday. I'd say the job is telemarketing, but the technical title is Retail Sales Executive Apprenticeship.

I did well in the short interview and was told to have my phone with me as I'd be called around 5-6pm about whether or not I've made it to stage 2.

I had my phone in my hand for hours, the moments I left it to go change out of my suit or go to the loo, I was fretting about missing the call.

Nothing happened till 10 past 6, when I took my hand out my pocket to finish my diet coke. I missed the call... FUUUUUUUUUUUU

I was literally walking down the street going "shit, fuck fuck shit call back call back call back"

I tried to call them back but, although I was told, working hours are 10 to 8, they were closed... oh fucking great...

I try not to let it bug me as I walk with dan to JJB and buy myself some nice running shoes and some socks. Amazing shoes tbh, it felt so nice to walk with cold air rushing to my feet directly through the material. (that's a design not a fault!)

I go to bed around 4 or 5am after having been listening to Michael McIntyre's autobiography. He's an amazing comedian and I can sort of relate to his life honestly.

Forever single, forever alone, a virgin till he was pretty much 20. Never actually kissing a girl properly till he was like 20. feeling like the world was just being a fucking whore to him. Even when it came to his dad, in his early 50s (his dad not michael, michael is like 35). I could even relate to that, losing my mum in her early 50s. Both of us were 17 when it happened, and both of us lost them just a few days after christmas... what a coincidence that is huh.

Anyway, it was a wonderful audio book, I'd certainly recommend it to you british nabs, and to you americans, although you may not get the jokes, go watch michael mcintyre on youtube, he's hilarious. And then read/listen to the autobiography.

Anyhoo, I also played xbox with dan last night, gears of war 3 of course. We dominate in that. Feeling sorry for a bloke Spock G. We kept killing him. He had no hope of getting anywhere but props to him for not rage quitting.

At the start of one game, my xbox suddenly goes weird, the screen pauses, I can't do anything, turned out my power brick thing had over heated, so I watched a program while I waited for it to cool down before I could play again.

Thank god it wasn't an actual fault though!

So I finally get on, we continue to dominate, and then he goes to bed and as do I, while I finish the audiobook.

I woke up this afternoon to the sound of my phone going off, I have a text or notification from facebook... meh. *rolls over*

there's another noise followed by another.

I finally get out of bed and read what ever.

First text I read:

Hi Simon this is Jenny from the marketing company just to let you know that graham was really pleased with you yesterday and would love to have you back in for the second stage interview on Monday at 12pm, Please let me know if that's ok either by text or call the office on ........ Thanks and well done!


So I;m closer to possibly getting this job!

£300 a week, 10am to 8pm. Relatively simple job honestly but it will of course be interesting for me since it's more face to face.

So I'm happy.

Until, I try to play MW3 on my xbox...

I press eject to take gears out... nothing.

I press again.


Oh fucking great, the light is red again... but It's not been on... it can't be overheated, shit... malfuction... it has to be....

So I have one more chance to hopefully not have to get a new one... I don't really want to buy a new one mainly because I lacks monies....

But yeah...

lots of good news, just as much bad... maybe more... ugh... I hate life... I get a break, then it's taken away from me....


Really Carol? You fucking moron...

Someone apparently mistook my dad and her room for a spare room, sat on their bed, but they were corrected and went to the right room.

I didn't know that so when Carol went in she apparently freaked out or something.

So that over with, she had to over react and be all like, we must put locks on the door.

It's hilarious really... She's such a fucking over reacting tool. And my dad is such a whipped tool...

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