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So steam had one of my favorite games on sale today and I figured it would be nice if you guys had the chance to play this game as well. Let's have ourselves a giveaway of Metro 2033.

This game is on Steam. This is a PC only game. If you want to see what this game is about check out this video

Before we get too ahead of yourself you should see if you have a computer that can play this game. The minimum requirements for this game are

OS: Windows Xp, Vista, or 7

Processor: Dual Core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or better)

Memory: 1GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9, Shader Model 3 compliant graphics card (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT2200 and above)

So how can you win this game? It is very simple. Just reply to this topic. Multiple reply's won't give you any advantage. '

You must be registered on the forum. This is where we will message you to give you the game or get your email to email you about it.

You cannot be of rank Admin, Global Mod, or Moderator (Sorry guys).

You do NOT need to have any number of posts. Even if this is your first post you can win!

The contest ends on October 17th at 8pm (-7GMT). The winner will be chosen at random.

If you have any questions and do NOT want to be in the contest - at the time of your post - please add this line to your post.

-- I do not want to be in the contest at this time. --
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Woo, I replied to the topic. I know I'm not likely to win anything because I don't have any luck, but please contact me on Skype - "UberEpicPwnage" if I win as I don't check the forums often(I won't lie) =)

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Alright the contest is over.

So let me describe how we got our winner and then I will announce it. So I took everyone's name above and put them in a list numbering 1 - 6. As katigerboy1 and Chikaboolala are the same person they were only counted as one. The list is as follows:




katigerboy1 Chikaboolala


Sir Nergon

I then asked a person who knew nothing about this here list nor what I needed a number for to go to and give me a number between 1 and 6.

Now here is the winner.

The number picked was 5. Congrats airodinamic on winning. Check your forum inbox. If I don't get a reply by Wednesday I will send you an email.

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