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State of the Minecraft - July 24th

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New stuff:

  • Basic command list, dynamic map, and GameTracker support added here. In fact, that's pretty much the info hub for the MC server, so you may want to bookmark that if you don't have bookmarked already.
  • A new world for noobs! Just tell anyone that complains about not being able to build to type "/mvtp noobs" into the chat, even though it's also said in the MOTD. They'll be able to build and such there until we cumulatively trust them enough.
  • We're using Craftbukkit build #1000 now, which fixes a huge memory leak. I can definitely confirm that the server is much more stable as a result.
  • City! This is Amber's new world and honestly I have no idea what the plan is. All I know is that I built a bridge. If you go to City (/mvtp city), please do read the rules. If you build anything without permission it may be removed.
  • The server now automatically restarts at 4am and 4pm Pacfic time daily.


  • Just so everyone knows flat out, the reason why flying is prevented is that there's no way to really regulate it reliably. When someone is zooming around a world, they are loading chunks at an extraordinary rate. These chunks have a lot of entities (mobs) and usually stuff like water, which needs to be passed on to the client. Minecraft inherently has a hard time handling flowing water and moving entities efficiently. When you're loading chunks faster than was intended it puts unnecessary strain on resources except on the more high-end servers, which we unfortunately don't have. Sorry. You'll get around it like everyone else has.
  • Mods, if someone has greifed, make sure you globally ban them first with "/ban [name] g [reason]". Please do include a brief reason as it will be attached to the player when they join other MCBans enabled servers.
  • Admins, one of the most powerful tools you have is BigBrother! Take a couple of minutes and read the docs. Bookmark or write them down for reference.
  • Admins, you can promote people now! Type "/pr [player] promote" to kick them up a level. The promotion track is as follows: Guest, Member, Regular, Donator, Mod, Admin. Please choose who to promote carefully - otherwise you'll be getting a lot of experience with the aforementioned BigBrother tool.

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