How Much Is You Bank Worth/Rares?

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I am sure it was you who said in one of your last posts you had 22M. Was that just a lie? No one thinks any less of you if you even just had 100gp to your name.

Anyway, can I just ask, why do you have 3 hoods? :P

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This is what makes up a majority of my bank value (prices at mid-GE level)

1 Half Jug of Wine = 88.0mil

1 Disk of Returning = 128.3mil

2 Pumpkins = 157.2mil x 2 = 314.4mil

1 Red Party Hat = 552.2mil

1 Yellow Party Hat = 532.3mil

2 Green Party Hats = 537.2mil x 2 = 1074.4mil (1.0744 bil)

1 Blue Party Hat = 671.1mil

2 Purple Party Hat = 525.8mil x 2 = 1051.6mil

1 White Party Hat = 582.1mil

2 Easter Eggs = 111.5mil x 2 = 223mil

1 Red Halloween Mask = 100.9mil

1 Green Halloween Mask = 58.4mil

1 Blue Halloween Mask = 72.4mil

2 Santa Hats = 61.0mil x 2 = 122mil


Total in Rares: 5571.1mil = 5.5711bil

I guess some other stuff worth mentioning:

Full Guthan's, Full Verac's, Full Ahrims, Dragon Platebody, Dragon Pickaxe, 2 Abyssal Whips, Zamorak Spear, Staff of Light, Over 48k Maple Logs, Over 4k Gold Ores...

Everything else is kind of miscellaneous. :P

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@John: And I won't sell a thing! :thumbsup: Too many memories connected with those items. Weird sounding for most, but back in the day I was in a very close-knit community and we traded rares as presents like they were nothing.

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My bank is worth over 25M or something... but I'm only a free user.

Nearly 14M

Saradomin (lg) armour set

Rune trimmed (lg) armour set

Trimmed blue wizard set

Green d'hide trimmed set

Amulet of Strength (t)

Amulet of Magic (t)

6 rune scimitars

2 rune 2hs

2 rune sq shields

Rune armour set (lg)

80+ coifs

23K Iron Arrows

Runecrafter Robe set (yellow)

2 Air talisman staves

1600 FOG tokens

55K Runecrafting guild tokens

Various Dungeoneering rewards


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Hmm, I think my entire bank is worth around 20m, if you count all of my Soul Wars capes I had to buy incase I die, that and all of my weapons and armours I frequently lose with Pking.. I phail! I did used to have a Red Partyhat though, but I gave it away to a friend right before the damned trade limits.

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