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How to record PS3 Gameplay

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If your computer has AV / HDMI inputs use those. Otherwise your going to want to buy an adapter that makes the computer basically see the consoles screen as a webcam which can be recorded. The way these adapters work is the output cable that normally comes with the console plugs into the adapter and and from the adapter are two more cables one goes to your tv the other to your computer. Theres other ways to capture of course but this is probably what your looking for. Theres a wide selection of different adapters you can choose from such as Hauppauge HD PVR, EasyCap, New Pinnacle Dazzle HD, Black Magic, etc... As for what you should buy the choice is yours, But make sure you do plenty of research on all options and choose the one that suites your need the best.

Once you've chosen an adapter you will need a editing program. I suggest Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere. Movie Maker will also work but will kill your video quality. After you have recorded the video using your adapter and the video editor of your choice you should narrate it because walkthroughs are no fun without narration. Once its all recorded, narrated, and you have it edited how you like, you will want to render it and upload it. It's alot of work, So only invest your time and money if your sure this is what you want to do.

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