Would You Hit It?

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Reply to all the pictures in the posts above you, and add a picture.


  1. Pictures must be of males or females over 18 years of age.
  2. There must be no nudity.
  3. Keep it classy!

Give an explanation to make it more fun!



Yes and Yes to these for me. I normally prefer blondes, but these two are awesomely hot and extremely talented actresses in my opinion. Summer Glau has been in two of my favorite television shows, and is always hot and kicking ass. Rachel McAdams is very cute but not obnoxiously arrogant over it. Also her dimples are awesome.

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Aww, Fant! I saw this topic title on the sidebar on the main forums page and instantly thought about Yvonne Strahovski! You stolen her from me! Whore.

And to Marty's post, only Emma Watson out of those three. Although, she does look a little young. I wouldn't hit Natalie Portman since, meh cute but nothing to fight over.

Since Fant is a woman thief and stole Yvonne, I'll go with Megan Fox. She's awesome. Very good looking, and does wonders when faced with robot cars. She's also very yummy.

All the pictures on Google Images are too seductive for forums, so this is the best "covered up" I could come up with.





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Yes to Yvonne Strahovski.

Yes to Emma Watson.

Yes to Richard Dawkins. (love The God Delusion)

Yes most of the time to Natalie Portman. (I liked her in Garden State)

No to Felicia Day in those pictures.

Yes to Felicia Day in this picture, and when she was on Lie to Me crushing on Loker


Yes to Mega Fox, but I've never thought she was as hot as everyone else thinks. She's nothing special imo.

Lizzy Caplan



She also looks awesome naked.

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Rachel McAdams: Yes

Yvonne Strahovski: Yes

Emma Watson: Yes

Natalie Portman: Yes

Felicia Day: No

Megan Fox: Yes

Maryse: No

Lizzy Caplan: Yes

Kelly Kelly: Definitely not.

Jessica Alba: Yes.

Mila Kunis: Yes.

That chick out of dexter: No! She looks like a man. Thats wrong dude. Way wrong. :'(

It's amazing how a guys mind can change in just under a year.. I don't know what I was thinking to say No to Lizzy and Yvonne.

Anyhoo, moving on: Thandie Newton





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Names? Can I have sauce on that?

I'm pretty sure 4 is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, out of Transformers 3, the girl who took over Megan Fox. Am I right?

3 is Alexandra Stan, correct me if I am wrong, but I am like 99% sure of it.

1? Cameron Diaz???

2, I have no clue...

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shame on maxy for not posting names and shame on chrisseh for not having the brain to try looking at the url...

for one, duh 1 is cameron diaz...

the second is sienna guillory

the last does look like the person in transformers 3.

but really, i no care.

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