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Found 25 results

  1. Just a thread to show off your clue scroll rewards from RS07.
  2. Hey Guys Selling Different kinf of Armour up to Mith will do cheaper if off gaming heavans add me in game Predjak5 Moved to Marketplace ~Chris
  3. Latest patch notes are up: Obviously I like the content poll implementations as I voted for them. The other two don't affect me right now or at all but are still needed updates.
  4. So with all the content poll and patches that RS07 has had so far, I'm confused at why this small bug STILL occurs? Obviously some people may say it's a minor bug and it doesn't really affect anyone and they'd be right but it's still worth fixing in my opinion. I'm surprised Jagex hasn't just done this already off their own back. (Not a rant)
  5. The latest dev blog is up. (Sorry I've been late in posting these, I've been pretty busy and lazy) Taken directly from:
  6. The latest content poll is up, I've already voted in it so I can't show you my votes or the questions without the current results but I'm pretty sure I voted all yes. HERE ARE THE CURRENT POLL RESULTS (NOT WHAT I VOTED) THE TEXT IS THE CURRENT WINNING OPTION! If you do not wish to see the current results of the poll, then please do not click the show button below. ~Chris
  7. Latest poll is live, here are the current resut (Please note: This poll is just the first of two polls and only includes questions on whether you want rares, not rare implementation.)
  8. A new Dev Blog has been posted, here it is: I look forward to voting on the poll next week.
  9. Another update from the 5th: Although a very small and lonely update, this will hopefully mean a big improvement to the game chat. I think we are all sick of standing in a bank or another highly populated area and getting spammed with lots of website advertisements. I just hope they pick most of them up!
  10. Latest patch notes are now up: Good few bug fixes and the slayer master checking your defence level seems a very needed update so pleased Jagex have implemented all of these.
  11. The Jmods that work on RS07 will be visiting areas of Runescape in-game and we can meet them and talk to them.
  12. Hey guys, the first content poll is now up and ready to take your votes! Here is the link: Use this topic to discuss. Here is how I voted: ~Chris Edit: Just looked at the poll results as they stand, all of them with a majority of yes except for question 2, what are your thoughts on this?
  13. A new dev blog has been released, today Jagex talk about the RS07 community. I am particularly interested in these 'bot busting sessions', they seem AWESOME! Taken directly from: Like I mentioned above, I'm looking forward to the bot busting sessions, I can see myself taking part in a few of those! Also I like the new forum additions.
  14. New patch notes have been released, Easter event from 2007 is officially in the game!
  15. New patch notes, useful command to know.. Edit: Also just noticed you can now press enter on the login screen instead of using the mouse.
  16. Latest patch notes:
  17. Jagex posted a statement today clearing up some worries players had about losing their free membership. Taken directly from the runescape wiki: ~Chris
  18. I'm pleased to see they have fixed the lag finally. FINALLY.
  19. The latest devblog has been posted and talks about Games of Chance, Bots and P-Mods.
  20. The latest dev blog for RS07 has been released: Taken directly from the Runescape website: ~Chris It doesn't really discuss anything and just notifies us that they plan on telling us their plans in the future. It's a pretty sucky and unnecessary dev post to be honest. It basically says quest is in works still, when the poll finishes we will add more (duh), more updates next week, go fucking vote.
  21. So the patch notes for 13th March 2013 have been added. There is only one change/update but I'm sure it is one that alot of people will be pleased about!
  22. The latest dev blog for RS07 has been released, it discusses how voting for features will work and which features may be included in the first poll. Taken directly from the Runescape website: ~Chris So I like the idea that 75% of people have to vote on a poll to get it passed, I think it would suck if it was just a small majority and it passed because that would leave a lot of people upset. I'm a bit stuck to whether I think rares should be re-introduced. I have no idea how they would go about introducing them but I personally feel that the game or no worse off without them so what would be the point in bringing them back?
  23. Welcome to my RS07 store, I will be listing here any items I have which are up for sale. Keep checking back because I will be editing this list every so often. On Sale 2 x Iron Hatchet Iron Platebody Zammy Page 2 Sold Addy Hatchet ~Chris
  24. Lady's and gentlemen. I present you the unid.
  25. Just a fun topic to show off pictures of your RS07 character! Here is Feinraf2 ~Chris