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  1. So.. fuck this game!
  2. I know what I've seen on some is Factions! Allow factions idk the mod name.. but on another server we use factions to protect areas, allow some pvp or just create a pvp world. Another one that might bring people is iconmy (i think that's what it is) but I know I like that one and it's a nice one. Those are the main 3 I'd probably would like to see added to the server.
  3. From Chris' update on the 16th only @ 116k. Here on 2/18 the votes are only at 156k.. I don't even think we'll hit that 250k mark. I'm sad But I'll still have minecraft/wow
  4. Hey I'v also noticed when I die in the new survival world I don't lose any of my items.. mind fixing it?? Thank you!!! ^-^
  5. So.. I'v noticed when the server got griefed and and I looked to see who did it I went to roll them back but I wasn't able to because of a 50 block limit rollback? Instead I contacted Amber and she rolled them back but I did ban them. Please look into it to get rid of the rollback restriction. Please Thank you <333333333333333 ~ Cabbage God
  6. O yeah I don't pay attention to forums thanks Fein!!
  7. So.. does this mean that survival world got reseted??
  8. Me, Erik (kire), Rachel (catray), and Drew (prookoos) were bored one night and went to Erik's citadel theater... It was a great time.. and then we found this....
  9. Good Game.. Can't think of pc C&C on the top of my head atm but 1st game i ever played on a system was C&C Red Alert on ps1.. Remember my brother teaching me how to play and I didn't do too bad
  10. My 1st fps game on the 360.. hm.. has to be Mw2.... or Halo 3 can't quite remember haha
  11. @ Combustive Haha.. I wish! I just did another clue ealier today.. woop for 34k loot?
  12. More names...
  13. Once Again, would LOVE to thank all those with this "interesting" names :banana: :banana: :banana:
  14. Motha Trucka I gots more!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  15. Finally got these uploaded on photo bucket hope you enjoy my name collections! I'd like to thank rs players with coming up with these very interesting/cool/orginal names and me running into you so I can screen shot. ~ me <3 :banana: :banana: :banana: