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  1. Bug Abusers Banned

    Lol. People with max cash could've done the glitch. One of my friend's accounts with about 14B on it got banned.
  2. Please don't view my profile. I have 1337 views.

    1. Feinraf


      The temptation.. It's too strong!

    2. Combustive


      demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! demon be gone!!!!!

  3. why do netbooks suck at doing everything......can't load anything but youtube and youtube takes like 120321389 years

    1. Feinraf


      Not all netbooks suck. Maybe yours is just slow or it might be your internet connection.

    2. Combustive


      Got a mac lolol :D

    3. Feinraf


      You blame windows for your oversized Pr0nz collection :(

  4. Getting a new computer in 8 days.........I shall be back to RS vent for my iPhone...good to be back ^^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fantikerz


      Yup it's pretty awesome. It's called Ventrilode if anyone else is interested.

    3. Maxy


      Guess it's not on BlackBerry then... D:

    4. Combustive
  5. Would You Hit It?

    Yes to all but Mila Kunis.
  6. Steve Jobs has passed away...

    I just feel bad for my iPhone. Nothing else really, to be honest
  7. Original Name Thread

    Mall Wart, lol. What an epic name
  8. CoD4

    @Maxy I did, but they're saying something about I tampered with it...and I didn't. Gosh, Microsoft are idiots sometimes :X
  9. I really need to go outside....

  10. CoD4

    Stupid red ring is preventing me from playing this game.
  11. Golden Joysticks ? Last Chance to Vote

    Runescape. Must. Win. Again.
  12. Update on our ongoing battle against bots

    @Daniel, you read my mind I agree with Dan.
  13. Magazines!

    I subscribe to Guitar World. My fave magazine
  14. RuneScape Classic: Final Reminder

    I has classic cape now