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  1. RuneBook/FaceScape?

    sounds like a stupid idea.
  2. Everyday Shooter

    i just got into pc gaming, any suggestions?
  3. Fallout New Vegas

    eh i got bored playing this..
  4. Your favorite classic games

    i loved to play SSX freestyle for ps1.
  5. The Sims 3

    i played sims 3 once, all of my people died in a fire.
  6. Black Ops Weekend

    black ops is really disappointing..
  7. No More Zombies

    im going to miss zombies :c
  8. Take THAT Microsoft!

    that sucks man, i hope you dont have anymore problems in the future. This used to happen to me alot, so i upgraded to the black xbox.
  9. Introduce Yourself

    Herrooo. I'm ELTominater. NICE TO MEET YOU STRANGER
  10. Cannabis

    i've had it once at a party. ended up with sharpie dicks all over my face
  11. Kill/Deaths

    Cod black ops: 2.56
  12. CSS or CA? or BF

    Honestly i like battlefield better than CSS