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  1. not bad at all, add me ingame and pm me when you see me on.. should be as soon as you add me :)

  2. Good thank you, yourself?

  3. right now i would have to say range guild lol. not much fun there but im pushing myself to 99 range haha
  4. Im currently using magic short because of the "bow only" rule in the ranging guild. But i also have a rune crossbow in the bank, thanks for the feed back
  5. Hey to anyone reading this, im new to gamingheavens, if your a consistant runescape player and get on these forums daily, send me a friend request on here and ingame. runescape character name is Kdm817. PM me
  6. i recently decided that range would be nice to get as high as i could for further range/magic pk. my range is 54 if im not mistaking, and i have been using the ranging guild archery tourny's to gain xp. should i change my way of gaining xp at all on the grind to 99? thanks, Kdm817:thumbsup: