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  1. I can't remember mine anymore, i think it was Sherlock Holmes 2
  2. Staring at Sam's empty account and almost cry ='(

  3. If you type "Dangerous Planking" on google image, the second image is my friend : D (i'm surprised he's still on the top 3 on google)
  4. w what i said and that =P
  5. I agreed on to the fact that they rip off people with these add-on pack. Stuff packs, for me especially, are the most annoying one, as its purpose is only to added more stuff on to the game, some which we don't actually needed that much. However, the company have to make more money as well, so I wouldn't think it should be "free" for those who owned the game. Also, it is state on both expansion and stuff pack "*Required The Sims 3 to play", so it is expected for those who buy the pack to actually owned the game, so that point is invalid in the first place. This is why EA games made the expansion packs to be cheaper than the actual game, and the stuff packs are even cheaper.
  6. mmm....probably....I seriously think "what the hell was I thinking when I wrote all that?" right now...... sorry if I annoyed you, I'll tried to think carefully before I post something like this
  7. The emote and item is great and all.....but it took up 1 more space + doesn't actually have any other uses. Oh well, it got me off IE =P
  8. it's...hard to explain..... runescape have this missing element that other MMORPG has, in my opinion anyway.... The needs to download the game is part of the missing bits, but not exactly what I'm talking about.
  9. well....good question actually...... Mabinogi seems like a common MMORPG, where choose your race, fight monster to level up, and have limited Mana, Stamina, Health, and stuff depending on your level. Unlike most MMORPG though, Mabinogi composed of varies of skill, rather than one skill. When I said 'basically runescape combine with download MMORPG style", I really put it poorly cause some games also using this type of systems. One unique thing about Mabinogi that doesn't occur to most MMORPG though is that the character "aged" over time. I dpn't know much about aging systems though, so if you want to know more, ask the people who play (or played) this game or visited the oficial website.
  10. For fire spell cape, I was thinking of the flame "burning and blazing" rather than "lava-like aura", i f you know what I mean.
  11. aww c'mon!! I can't even soloed Kalphire Queen at my level, leave alone Corp. And now, someone figured out a way to soloed Nex already? Good on ya... I personally don't plan to soloed any boss monster for a long long time, but still interested in finding a way to soloed them. This is only to get me prepared to fight any boss monster when I want to, I guess? I have to admit though this guys is a real great fighter =O
  12. Well, 3-4 months later, BOTS ARE GONE!!! HI5 EVERYONE!!!! Jagex does deal with bots problem after all!!! As for the long term damage, such as merchants in RuneScape, that is caused by bots, it won't gone right after the bots are banned. It'll took times before the price and such goes back to its neutral state, so you need to be a bit patients on that
  13. Dat story, so long I know right XD? Actually no, I first heard of it from my friends (irl) about how good it is. So I look up the information of the game (Thai Server), and started playing it for the first time. At first, It was good, like many other game i played. But it gets boring after a while(, like many other game I play as well XD). When I was about to quit it, I found this person who help me thoughout the game. Together, we form a small group of friends. Together, we become so close and enjoy playing this game together. By the time I got so addicted to the game, my IRL frineds thinks that this game is suck, but I don't care cause I still got those other friends in the game. The reason I quit the game is because, as mention above, I moved to study in aus, and I lost all of the contact with my friends (but one, the first person that I found in game, who is too busy to play any game anyway). I tried to go back there, but they re-made it into a new game (which basically only extended the game) so all my progress on my account was lost. I want to go back to that game with that friend of mine once I finish all my study and stuff =). p.s. I won't quit RS (nor The Sims series), so don't you worry =P. In fact, I might even asked that friend of mine to started RS XD. p.s.s. If you go back to read the article again, I've mention "The Game" a serveral times in the writting. You just lose "The Game" *troll face* See why I tried to keep my story short? Once I started thinking about things, I got all emotional and stuff, and started writting a novel >.>
  14. I'm looking forward to the new slayer dungeon and the new website update =)
  15. LOL!!!! No, anime did not kill you. I respect your opinion, but don't you think comparing anime to smoking is a bit too extreme? It's basically similar to that of cartoon or some T.V. programme. There is not point of watching it, but many people still enjoy watching them anyway.