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  1. Your Dream Job

    I really don't know... I need a little help.
  2. How cold is it in your area?

    Yay 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Gaming Music

    I listen to a lot of stuff like led zeppelin, rush, beatles, lynard skynard......
  4. What are your favourite TV shows?

    Family Guy South Park Two and a half men Spongebob I don't watch much TV Nobody else like spongebob? xD
  5. People who chew loud...

    I hate it when people chew gum or eat food like fucking pigs. It's like I tried impersonating it before and I almost passed out... They chew so loud then breathe like they have some fucked up disease.
  6. Grammar Nazi

    Haha I am a grammar nazi
  7. Minecraft: Wolves!

    Well now supposivly it takes like 10 bones to tame one, because if you read in the video the video was a tester who was still in 1.3
  8. Smoking

    It is absolutely not worth it! So stop now or go ahead and cut 20 years from your life. But it's okay to be an occasional smoker because it heals a little bit every 30 minutes
  9. Road to 99 Magic

    Good Luck!
  10. Wii Fail

  11. KCBOY666's Goals

    Good Luck! Keep going at it you'll reach your goals sooner or later
  12. AustinRH's first fire cape!

    Congrats! Keep It up
  13. Next-Gen console in the line for Microsoft

    Hmm... yes very interesting
  14. Pokemon Black/White

    Hmm.... looks like im gonna buy a DSI
  15. Your first gaming console :P

    Well My first gaming system was the SEGA what a beast system!