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  1. so , i used to go on here about 4 years ago just found it surfing the net and now im back lol good to be back
  2. definetly gunna try this , wish me luck lols
  3. I have given you an award! (:

    1. Denis Cote

      Denis Cote

      im back now , i forgot about this after i moved out and didnt have a computer anymore

  4. i want to try the PTR but for some reason the installer keeps freezing on me i dont know why but yea , i'm nor gunna like the new twist on 20sec CD for WOG not gunna be fun at all , also aren't frosties getting more buffs.... ? *sigh* QQ myself to sleep after this patch
  5. in vanilla ! then i got hacked and came back in cata so i completely missed WOTLK but i went to private servers to try it out
  6. lol these videos are kinda funny . I watched them before seeing this post but i watched em all again anyway
  7. i have 343 ILVL i dont use gearscore ( on my druid tank)
  8. Shockadin babay
  9. 37 below today brrrrrrrrr
  10. who would enjoy me making wow commentated videos ? i'll probably make a few tanking guides some leveling help guides or juts some rants also i'm working on a paladin so i may make a series following my leveling up on him they will all be commentated also i'll be making Druid tanking guides and heroic boss guides also there are almost no warcraft videos on the site i want to make the site more WOW involved lemme know what you think guys. thanks
  11. i find that the gear is very unrewarding nothing looks beast in cata not even T11 to be honest also why is the T11 BLUE?? its a catacalysm not noahs arc lol.
  12. try carbonite Quest it works wonders
  13. what kinds of gears should i try to pickup whichc things do i look for first (str , intel, Stam , etc) which one would be best to reforge into also ? thanks for the help :) Im fairly new to paladins i know the basics but i have only been a druid tank as of right now my druid is only geared 343 but he tanks heroics pretty easily most of the time.
  14. lol weird O.o
  15. this is gunnab e interesting goodluck with this i would join but im way too laggy online