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  1. Oh my dude, the trailer was awesome. It looks like there's gonna be night/day times for the Citadels at least, so maybe the rest of Runescape will get it as well in the future?
  2. Remind me Mandy, what was it that helped you finally beat Nomad? Didn't someone like, buy an Arma Chestplate just to loan it to you for the fight or something?
  3. I'm just gonna save up points and wait for some tier 4 auras. DOUBLE RC XP PL0X
  4. @Lil John You completely missed the point of pretty much everything I said. It really doesn't matter that half the Jagex payroll is considered player support, because that number does not in any way reflect the amount of people playing. That's just skewing statistics to meet your needs. You also seem to have misunderstood the point I was making about Jagex's constant PvP events. My point wasn't "there should be non-pvp events!!111111!!!1!1" or that they aren't interacting ingame enough, my point was that their "support" is catering to only a small portion of the players. As far as "ignorance on my part", I've been playing Runescape nearly 6 years and even if that's not as long as you have, it's long enough that if in those near 6 full years I have NEVER seen a Runescape player mention any sort of ingame katana, there's probably not as big a demand for it as you'd like to think. Not on the forums, not ingame, not on fansites, not anywhere. I asked a few of my friends just to be sure and lo and behold, they also had not heard of this desperate plea that supposedly everyone is making. The botting issue is a whole separate debate honestly, as I have my doubts Jagex cares as much as they say they do about it so long as they get their money, so I'll leave that alone for now.
  5. That's not even a "clever" scam, it's obviously fake. For one, a line of dialogue in the e-mail is "an void infraction", and I'm pretty sure Jagex employees know when to use a/an. Additionally, they wouldn't have "evidence" for you to view on how you were caught buying/selling gold, because then you could learn how to avoid getting caught. Lastly, it's just dumb and not convincing. But on the bright side, you don't have to worry about being banned! EDIT: Why did you "not post the link" because it's a scam and then post a picture of the link? Does not compute.
  6. Another major update since you've been gone is that charcoal has replaced gp as the main currency in Runescape. Stock up accordingly.
  7. This, quite honestly, could be the best update in several years if Jagex executes it correctly. However, I'm not holding my breath on the whole "correctly" part. Still, it's nice to hope. As in, I hope the Ritual Of The Mahjarrat quest is released this month!
  8. @Lil John Pi, assuming 50% of Jagex's staff is in fact classified as player support, that doesn't even mean they're player-oriented. It just means a majority of the issues they face have to do with unhappy players. Jagex has not been supporting the "community", they've been supporting a small subset of it, mostly PvPers which is why every JMod attended event (other than bot bannings, which is ridiculous in and of itself) is Clan Wars or some form of PvP combat. The community has also not been "asking for a katana for years". As I mentioned before, I trolled the forums quite a bit over the course of a few years and NEVER saw "Omg ther shud b kattaanananas in rs!!1111!1!!11" or anything of the sort. I can say with almost absolute certainty that a Runescape katana was not on the minds of the majority of players at any point. In fact, I'll tell you what is on their mind: banning bots. Jagex says they're community friendly and has their staff make ingame appearances, but if they had a poll asking something to the effect of "What is the single biggest thing we could do to improve Runescape?", 5 will get you 10 that getting rid of bots will be number 1 if it's on the list. Additional note: I forget the exact source, but Jagex stated in explicit terms that they only create and release content that they themselves find fun. This mentality of "us happy first, players happy second" doesn't exactly scream community support to me.
  9. It's pretty darn easy as long as you keep Dynamite away from the supplies table so you can get essentially unlimited health and prayer. Unfortunately I didn't know he could destroy the supplies until after he did so on wave 15, so it was a close one after that but I made it through all 20 waves. Pretty fun event, and like everyone else is saying, hopefully xp or frequency is boosted.
  10. Oh yeah, I read about the katana but forgot to include it here. I remember thinking that the same people who complained about Runefest ticket buyers getting the Flagstaff of Festivities were gonna have something to riot about again. I remember years ago when I used to read the Rants section of the RSOF all the time, I was sick of people complaining about every little thing and thought it was good that Jagex basically ignored them and did their own thing. Now I'm thinking we gave them an inch...
  11. As I'm sure most people have noticed, a disturbingly large portion of Jagex's recent updates are centered around Facebook. You can now login via Facebook, there's a sweepstakes that you take part in by liking Runescape on Facebook, you get Jagex store discounts through Facebook, etc. I'm just waiting for the "Scapeville" game to appear on Facebook now, considering how hard Jagex is pushing this integration. It also appears they're trying to get free publicity by asking their fans to promote Runescape for them. As a non-user of Facebook (maybe the only one?), I'm getting annoyed at seeing FB being involved in all the community updates now. I know that at least one other person (cough Whispur cough) is somewhat annoyed with all the brand messaging/advertising/integration/whatever, but what does everyone else think?
  12. I seriously don't understand the mentality of people who play Runescape but don't want anyone to know it. Everyone I know knows I play and that I'm also a huge Guitar Hero nerd, and yet they still somehow talk to me. I think people are just paranoid about what people might think and they let it paralyze them. Oh and @Daniel, not trying to act like a mod but try to say @(person) instead of quoting them.
  13. Red - Already Over
  14. Not sure if I'm allowed to link to it, but there's a Cracked article titled "The 7 rules all video games should follow" or something along those lines, and one of them is not to treat games or consoles as if more power = better. The Wii was a huge success despite its graphics and overall "inferior" hardware to the 360 and Ps3, but families loved it. If the next Sony console doesn't cater to a very specific group (whatever group that may be), it could do much more for sales than pretty much any power level it may have, even over nine thousand.
  15. I was amused that they offered to let me quest with them when I already had a quest cape :x