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  1. If you guys are into the professional gaming scene and has been following the Starcraft gaming league like I do, you might recognized the name Lim Yo-Hwan also known as Slayers_Boxer or just Boxer, well I recently stumbled upon an article and a documentary video about Boxers coming back to the professional gaming world and is still up to he's old trick and strategies. You can find it here http://professionalg...ngs-episode-1/.
  2. Well I'm not a RP person that why i choose Horde because of pvp racials. Currently playing an Orc Warrior Blood fury ftw.
  3. I used to play this at a competitive level for 10 years! Stopped 4 years ago to give way for fatherhood which is awesome btw... My favorite race is toss and my favorite MU is PvZ. I just hate PvT especially turtling Terrans! have you played on any private ladders like wgtour or pgtour?