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  1. I haven't visited this site in ages. Hello.
  2. The Slim beauty arrived today, and the border is tincy tiny. Looks beautiful and I can even make the monitor go on it's side for some reason, but the picture is super-duper ultra sharp awesome nice. The 23.8" is perfect, and because it's virtually borderless it takes up less space and looks veerryyy pretty.
  3. I have nothing to add to that.
  4. I cancelled my order and changed it for a Ultrasharp thin bezel IPS LED monitor because it went down in price. It is 0.2inchs smaller. But Dell IPS LED.
  5. I bought a 24inch Dell IPS LED monitor. This is because; I got paid I got paid I got paid more than I thought I love Dell IPS LED I love Dell I got paid Thank you all for your assistance. And Matt, I have no idea how to find out the refresh rate on this monitor. It will change input and come up with 1080p/60Hz then 1080p/30Hz and I know it's not a 1080p screen, and I bet it can't manage 60Hz!
  6. I measured out my desk today and unfortunately won't be able to get two unless I figure out a monitor stand and have them one above the other. The TV I'm using at the moment shows the Xbox One image just fine, I'm not sure why I can't get the PC to show just as smooth.
  7. My 770 can't run it completely in ultra, textures has to be medium still pretty!
  8. Oh it's even quite a cheap one too, tempting!
  9. Yes Matt, yes it is.
  10. What Acer do you use? I was looking at Asus, AOC and Benq plus some others I've never heard of before
  11. Price range is as cheap as possible haha, and I don't have enough room for a widescreen monitor (at the moment), so a thin bezel 1080p monitor will have to do (for the time being....) I've found some okay ones for £120-150, might just go with those because the crap I'm currently using hurts my eyes!
  12. Yeah maybe closer to 8 seconds, BIOS time is 6 seconds so
  13. I put it to you like this Matt; Fifa 14, Fifa 15, Fifa 16, Fifa 17 And that's a shame Chris! Such a great game!
  14. Downloaded this hefty 37GB file yesterday, such an engrossing and difficult game! Starts nice and quick without bogging you down with an hour of cutscenes and tutorials, the controls feel good (despite me being new to the whole keyboard and mouse thing) and the action feels intense! I love the hierarchy system, I've already got a captain who is far too difficult for me to defeat which isn't ideal, my own fault because I got annoyed and kept going back to try and kill him with melee only to discover once he maxed out that he was only vulnerable to ranged damage. Graphics are pretty sweet, the HD texture pack (free) requires bloody beefy specs though, i7 3.4Ghz and a GPU with 6GB dedicated RAM is questionable! Running it very well at everything on ultra/high except textures on medium, very nice looking game at any rate (just need a 1080p monitor...) I do get very quickly annoyed at how hard the game is though, probably just me but I'll be killing some random orcs and a silly high level boss from the otherside of the map appears and one hits me, frustrating but again my fault for not finding out his weaknesses first! Not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like Lord of the Rings, you'll enjoy this!
  15. So I need a new monitor to go with my new PC. Are they all pretty samey now? The only thing I want from it is to be 1080p and at least 24". "Borderless" would be cool too, but if I'm paying more just for that then there's no point. Also, what video inputs do you guys use? HDMI, DVI, DP? Never heard of DP before but I've heard that it's good. And what is "G-Sync"? My 770 has G sync technology, is that something worth investing in or shall I stick to 1080p (I'll be sitting about 3ft away from the screen, and intend to plug in the Xbox One into it aswell). Thanks! What do you guys have? EDIT: I could actually go to 27 inch (barely in the space I have), but sitting from the same distance would you recommend it? Would it look worse in the same resolution on the bigger screen? I assume so but a 27 would be nice, but unnecessary, never mind a 27 inch doesn't seem like a good idea anymore... but my brother uses a 46 inch TV for his Xbox/PC and it does look bloody good, and anything higher than 1080p I think my PC would start to struggle with anyway. On that note, I managed to breach 60FPS of Far Cry 3 by turning off a few video settings, only having Aliasing x8 and V sync setting half of what is was and changing it, without the GPU going too hot (55-60 celcius), which didn't look any worse graphically but did look much smoother.