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  1. Everyone forgot Clan Wars for F2P haven't they? Also, if all else fails Revenant hunting was a tradition in my clan.
  2. I listen to the ingame Runescape music. :X Yeah, that's right, I'm a fan.
  3. Those are my main goals that I want right now. Here are some side goals: My goals will be updated every now and then, so keep checking in.
  4. I don't see energy drinks as a good thing, so just remember.. Red Bull gives you wings, just too bad you can't fly on RuneScape. Ramen noodles are awesome. I eat them every day..breakfast, lunch, and dinner. :S Doritos are awesome too. The drink is Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper. Oh, and if you really wanna get pumped up get really cold water in a large bowl and pour it on you. Trust me, you'll get pumped up.
  5. The Gamecube was awesome, it was so beast I had to buy 2 more to remind myself how awesome it was.
  6. Sega. <3 Though I don't have the old console and the games I have the ultimate collection for PS2. They're always fun to play.
  7. I felt sorry for Paul. O_o
  8. The hardest boss I have faced was the Kalphite Queen, but that is the only because I have only faced a few bosses. I see a lot of people have problems with the Banshee Mistress because of the part where the rangers come out all of a sudden. It was a pushover for me though.
  9. Go to a non +1 world. Oh My Gawsh. Epic gravediggery at its worst! Please check when the topic was last posted in! Grr! Locking Topic. ~Chris
  10. They rushed too fast on it is what they did.. I started mine from day 1 and am only 30% done. :\
  11. Cutting Ivy at 99 through 99 will take 26,011 ivy. 8648655 experience left. The average experience rate at ivy is 80k/hr. If I did this right, mine says it will take 108 hours to complete. If I'm right about that, it will take you 18 days if you do that for 6 hours a day.
  12. Well, he could dress up as..let's say.. the wise old man. It would have.. something to do with RS.. I think.
  13. I see, but I do have one question. I saw your rule about music, but does this include the Runescape mixes and/or Royalty free music? Thanks.