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  1. Congrats!! I always wanted 99 but I made it to 92 and it was way to much so I stoped.
  2. not sure whats going on in it but its a loy better then what i can do, nice drawing.
  3. I am the epic runescape player called Natt_dog9 and i want to be added to the list.
  4. Daniel Was Here - Ohai

  5. he has ither there octan so its not a small range but marrio 64 is the best never stoped playing it when i first got it.
  6. its not bad. Just put the youtube URL in and then post.
  7. Jake i will be ther, goodluck, i am on my way to meet you now lol and you shoul have a after party at someones house! A house party after is always the best way to celerbrate.
  8. lol your good at finding glitches i likes the dung one the best!
  9. lol made my day weegie
  10. also voted for house, the guy below me voulenterred his! (bad speeling lol i know) and goodluck, if im on at the time i will deffently be at the party!
  11. dont worry im bad at videos so I wont
  12. ohh lol sorry and thanxs again for the pics.... btw I stole ur idea and is now wearing it
  13. lol matt i googled it and it came up as something in ur stomach nvm lol spelt it wrong
  14. i played both fallout 3 and oblivion but i found oblivion had way better quest to complete and i still played after i beat the game, fallout 3 was no fun after i beat it.