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  1. Wrong Answers

    its addictive because most dudes love to see pamlea run around and see david just look cool. who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
  2. whats your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

    my favorite thing to do in my spare time is to either chat with friends or waste all my money
  3. getting first bgs or zgs :D

    soon i will guess by the end of next week maybe around or before august 4th i will have my first bandos godsword or a zamorak godsword depending on the prices, i am making money at anvsies wish me luck
  4. Mugge - ^99 Dungeoneering Goal^

    gl on 99 XD
  5. What is your favorite game on the Xbox 360?

    call of duty modern warfare 2, and halo 3 and left 4 dead 1 & 2
  6. dragon crossbow IDEA

    lol i forgot about the choatic crossbow and the prices
  7. Gears of War 1, 2, 3, and Movie Talk

    sewwt there making a movie
  8. My Road to 95-96 Slayer

    nice gl on 99 slayer Please do not post one word replies. Be more constructive. This is your first warning.
  9. Introduce Yourself

    lol hi amber you already know me ^,^ and a bit mad at me lol
  10. 98 Strength! :D

    :DGRATZ!!!! 1 MORE LEVEL TO GO dont worry this will go by fast!
  11. dragon crossbow IDEA

    i was thinking why doesnt rs have a dragon crossbow? well IDK! it should look like two dragon spikes or limbs with magic stock and use a new cossbow string an make it blessed c.bow string. the stats are- range- + 110 thats it well it is 10% bigger than the rune cbow and the reload rate is 15% slower but the damage makes up for that. tell me what you think of it. EDIT: he special will be that you shoot 4 bolts at an insanly fast speed and will take up 80% of the bar. to use the dragon crossbow you need 65 range/ with 60 hp <- (dont ask me why just since that range trains hp or con) EDIT: (AGAIN) the prices will be around an easy 600k.
  12. =P Lol, go to display name change on your settings and change it to "Kenneth"

  13. got 99 cooking july 25th, 2010

    ;)im sorry i lagged and got it i wanted to wait
  14. got 99 cooking july 25th, 2010

    i got 99 cooking on july 25th, 2010 and its my 2nd cape and i got it trimmed ftw?
  15. What are you Listening to Right Now?

    KILLSWITCH engage - holy diver awesome song