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  1. Your christmas lists?

    What I want for Christmas is: Whole Family with me New Tv Hang out with mah friends
  2. Happy Holidays Gaming Heavens!

    Feliz Navidad a todos! Translation: Merry Christmas everybody!
  3. Creepy Justin Fan

    Lol... He's just like the person who said, "Leave Brittany Alone!". >_>
  4. My 99 Fishing/Other - 99 Construction

    What about me? :c 62 exp til 99 Fishing =D
  5. My 99 Fishing/Other - 99 Construction

    We're almost there Luigi! =D This is gonna be a great party.
  6. Show us your nice little pets

    My Puppy name is Chilie and is a girl.
  7. Drawing of my Character with DFH and Full Bandos :D

    That is one SICK picture! :0!
  8. Dungeoneering - NEW RuneScape Skil

    I don't mind doing Dung now.. Pm me if you want to dung w/ me
  9. ^ < V Game

    ^ To keep Vent :3 < Misses my beagle v Hates Dogs and Cats !
  10. Throwing Puppies Into A River?

    Not the puppies! :c
  11. Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I r Hf5555 or Alex. =D
  12. Obama singing

    LOL! Cool remix.....
  13. Yo mamma jokes--

    Yo Mama is so fat when she went to the Movie theater, She sits next to everyone.
  14. Chuck Norris Jokes.

    When Chuck Norris jumped in the water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet the Water gets Chuck Norrised.
  15. Famous Runescapers

    Cool snapshots... I wish, I could've been there to see Telmomarques.