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  1. What Is Your Favorite Skill To Train?

    i dont know why but woodcutting was sooo mush maybe because it was my first 99 but still..... and alot of youtube i think i have 99 in that too =P
  2. New Looks To the Weapons?

    i miss the old whips i mean ya they looked like sausages but still =P
  3. whats your favorite skill cape

    slayer its the only black skill cape in the game its a bad ass cape
  4. where is your favorite place in runescape?

    ya the Ge its where its at =P i have the 99 GE standing cape >.<
  5. get a xp lamp and get it in PvP funny as hell run up to someone and ask to fight say pot and lvl it friend got wc like that lol
  6. what was your first console?

    what games did you play?
  7. what was your first console?

    well my first love was a sega genesis. wow feels like forever ago sitting on my mom and dad's bed playing the first mortal kombat in my whitey tighties... lol wow not much has changed.. well now i wear boxers cuz i r a big boy. lol but let me know i think it well be kool to hear some stories
  8. Halo Reach

    lol well im a halo fan boy im not going to lie. i loved the beta soooo much cant w8 =P
  9. i got to say i still love halo 3 i dont know if it will ever get old... lol well till reach comes out =P haha
  10. 70 Agility!

    ya gratz on 70 and i hear speeds up at 80 so GL
  11. What do you look like in runescape?

    my 99 GE standing gear ''over 22m xp in that skill'' =P
  12. What is Your Favorite Skill or skills on Runescape?

    slayer all the way. its got to be the best looking cape in the game but the emote is sooooo faillllllll sucks =/ ya wc is a gr8 skill its first to be made fun of but ya pop on the TV and wc all day
  13. Original Name Thread

    to bad ''the man'' didnt let me keep it
  14. Glitches in Runescape

    i got a vid of my friend doing that glitch boner glitch got to love this one