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  1. 49, but I used a crapton of penguin points on it, so I can only do floors that a level 30 dungeoneer can do.
  2. Nintendo brought the most heat by far. New Goldeneye, new Donkey Kong (!!!), new Kirby, new DS< revival of Kid Icarus, new Paper Mario, just so many great things.
  3. I've had the most fun with Tales of Vesperia, a pretty nerd action rpg game.
  4. Got one from an armored zombie about a year ago, I'm pretty sure I had to change my pants when that happened.
  5. Grats on 70 dung ^_~
  6. I used to be in a clan for this game- and on that skill level, if you button mash, you lose. Anyway. My best characters in this game seem to all be females- Peach, Sheik, Samus, and Jigglypuff. Oh well.
  7. This be Kibbeh. I came on here because Ocelot promised me friendship. Also, I know alot of people here. I hope. :X