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  1. wildywyrm

    put a link in, even thought 2 people beat me :| I'd side with ross saying it's a boss (rhyme time) and do you think could be linked to daemonheims warped floors? If you don't know, some of the regular monsters in daemonheim looked to be mutated or warped on the warped floors, like the strykewyrm does.A guard dog, for example. (tried a link of a warped guard dog but didn't work) And, daemonheim is in part of the wilderness.
  2. wildywyrm

    you probably have seen or heard of the teaser picture on jagex's twitter of what looks to be a warped or lava strykewyrm, what are your thoughts, predictions, or remarks of it? Edit: now that the wildywyrm is out, you can use this thread to discuss what your opinions are and what you think of the update. Didn't think my topic would go out of date in 10 hours.
  3. Who watched the February 15-16 Jeopardy games?

    Ejukasional tv are bad. (that made me lose brain cells typing it) I didn't watch it because...well....i never knew it was on >.>, and wheel of fortune rules all, because half the people on there suck at puzzles and it makes me feel smart. ;|
  4. What's in the name?

    i made my name so it would be catchy and could be a greeting. i'd make an acronym for it but peer pressure is bad:down:
  5. Grammar Nazi

    I'll admit, I am no perfect person when it comes to grammar,but sometimes I go into grammar-nazi mode if someone is calling someone else stupid or insulting them on their grammar skills, but they themselves use bad grammar, such as "your stupid",then I would say "you're stupid*" just to be a smartass.
  6. Original Name Thread

    I would have to agree with ossy, and original names i've seen are Season,Rainbow,The,Jake, and Rawr, i've probably seen more but i'm drawing a blank :s. (sorry if this is gravedigging, but i don't consider 3 weeks very old )
  7. Prisoner of Glouphrie and Gnome Graphical Rework

    The quest to me was a little disapointing,only requiring the knowhow of 2nd grade math and all. only part i liked about this update was gnomes don't look like lego people and i got some decent xp from quest. i guess the profanity filter could be good in some ways but it'll basicly cause confusion about what's against the rules for a while, which can get annoying, but i like the whole update in general.
  8. Famous Runescapers

    i've seen wolfjpf2,season, and green098 a couple times, but i never heard of screenshots back then. :|
  9. Just my freaking luck

    i thought i was the only one...doesn't matter what it is, it could be P.E or it could be a video game it seems like i get the team that can't seem to win. i was thinking bad luck. XD
  10. pretty much what i always do with money, spend it on something stupid or a skill that will never come in handy.
  11. Nomad Tries/Other boss tries.

    i can say this now, my tactics for nomad weren't really *Recommended* but it worked for me and my friend (Phat Potatoe). I was like 109 cb and used rocktails, that's right, i said rocktails. took me 15 tries, but since i used rocktails it wasn't too expensive. I may have died a lot, but i'd rather have a boss like that then some lvl 109 troll general that doesn't require any skill besides a protect prayer. Spirit boss took me about 20 tries, 15 tries on the second room . BRD was one of if not my favorite quest, but the boss was a little too easy for me (1st try).
  12. Quests

    as a quest caper my self, i'd like to see the sequel to legacy of seergaze, which is late by like 3 years *coughcough*. I'd kinda like to go in drakan's castle poke some vampyre ass with an invandis flail and unlock a new area that isn't a fricken maze of houses D: a sequel for nomad's would be nice too, since i have no idea who he was preparing to fight and where i could kick his ass again.
  13. How cold is it in your area?

    it was 36 degrees in floriduh today. on normal days were in the 60's or so.
  14. we all probly like a lot of things about runescape, but what's that one thing that keeps you logging in?
  15. RuneScape Bosses! Annoying? Hard? Or downright Impossible?

    only real "boss" i've killed are quest bosses. nomad was fun in my opinion. i'd rather have him then some push-over lvl 100 boss. took me like 15 tries to kill nomad at 109 combat D: *in mood to kill some innocent pixelated monsters*