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  1. Hmmmmm... I was gaming back in the COD4 and World at War days. When Modern Warfare 2 came out, I began to play it. However, I have recently come to enjoy playing Halo because I'm getting better at it. My top 3 would be Halo 3, MW2, and COD4 (in no particular order). I don't see why people hate MW2. The game itself is a brilliant work of art that deserves credit. It's the people who use nub classes that make it less fun. Anyways, just like whichever games you like, and don't flame others for their opinions =D.
  2. Hahahaha anyone out there wanna go 1v1 Quickscopes? 20-1 =] K:D = 1.08 (Garbage, 1.36 on my other account) Nukes = 4 (Garbage, I only play Search and Destroy though) Hehe I've 1v1ed someone from OpTic and only lost 15-12. Gamertag : D iS FoR DAltOn By the way...Modern Warfare 2 itself isn't a bad game....it's the people that play it who use stuff like noob tubes w/ scavenger, danger close, last stand etc. that make it that way. The game itself is a work of art and if you are playing with all experienced players it is very enjoyable. Besides, it is the best selling video game of all time, even though that doesn't necessarily make it a good game. <()>