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  1. Whats Your Favorite Spec Weapon

    Dark Bow spec! <333 (99 Range and Dark Bow spec = awesome! )
  2. Grave looting

    Depends..if the person looked really rich, I would loot it
  3. Vote on my poll - No seriously, please do.

    I AGREE, but come on, the way you handled it, was NOT the way to go. Don't bust in and assume stuff. Don't call people names. Don't enter a chat, say your comments, and leave, it just stirs up more crap.
  4. The Best Movie

    My favorite Top 5 are: Mirror Mask Schindler's List Pet Cemetary Misery The Green Mile. Love these Movies!
  5. Best Tears of Guthix Collected

    Wow! Nice, lol. I'm way too lazy to go there, used to go a lot, now I don't
  6. Favourite Christmas Songs?

    Frosty the Snowman!
  7. RuneScape Video Guide Competition

    Haha, as you can see, I'm NOT a Tech person.
  8. RuneScape Video Guide Competition

    Sounds great! I'd love to participate, to bad I cannot edit, nor do I have the equipment
  9. RS Update 11 - 9 - 10

    Meh. I thought it was going to be more, but I still like this. ( the Bank Update )
  10. New RSMV

    You said you weren't good at editing! I love it!
  11. Death To Food

    Haha, this pic is awesome! P.S: Dan, you do ask obvious questions -.-
  12. Congratz on being Accepted! :D

  13. Whats your favorite Minigame?

    I would have to say my Favorite Mini is..Stealing Creation, I love the rewards!
  14. Dungoneering Update - Warped Floors

    Ugh, I am too lazy to train Dung, but it just keeps getting more cool.
  15. Behind The Scenes For November

    Can't wait for the new quest, I loved doing MM.