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  1. Strange
  2. Old group is back like old Ventrilo. I miss the old days with Minecraft chill and game. Skype just isn't the same.
  3. Woah awesome pics. It's good to have memories of life experiences. Also crazy how long it's been since I've checked in on here.
  4. Great event. Good memories. Looking for to seeing current news to discuss - like the endless nerfs on Inventor skill and this weekly Treasure Hunter excuse to sell Bonds and cash benefits even though they claimed SoF was never about actual benefits for cash.
  5. Move post to section I'm not permitted to start new posts:,295,176,64905427beta testing:
  6. An old topic but just noticed this. Yes DJ Dan main function was posting RS News and he did it well. Perhaps make replies in this section not count toward total post count and he can get his self-appointed job back. Other than that if something needs posting I normally cover all RS news (SoF and Solomon RWT aside) on my Facebook and Facebook clan page as well my website. Could maybe stop off here and copy/paste it as well.
  7. Thanks again. Loving the game! Grats to everyone else whom also won.
  8. Yeah it's awesome. Livestreaming it right now while chilling on Vent and AFKing RSOS. I saw the game in Walmart years ago but never really considered buying it because I wasn't sure how good it is.
  9. Can't wait until RSG2013 on April 20th 2013! Gonna be chilling with Amber up on Ice Mountain.

  10. I got stuck in the hospital March 8th - 11th. Finally out and updated my PC to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Downloaded Steam again, and recovered my old account. Let's do this. Hit me up via inbox or Ventrilo next time you're on and I'm read to download this game.
  11. Just heard the good news on Vent from Feinraf. Sweet! I've seen reviews of the original Serious Sam but never actually bought it. Give me until next week when my external drive comes in. I have to back up my files and reinstall a clean copy of Win7Home, then maybe Steam won't claim there needs to be an internet connection to install properly.
  12. Weird now up to 400k votes. 100k to do in only a few more days left to vote. I gave my 8 votes. Up to everyone else to pay their fair share so we don't have to pay 10x more later in the long run. I'm playing both as double logging on 2007 and 2013, trying to max fish on 2007 while max cape on 2013 for this year. Home world 314 if anyone wants to skill alongside or quest with I or Amber Meow.
  13. 236k votes. Got to love how the 2nd Wilderness return vote is only P2P where as the 1st vote included F2P. After EoC ran off many players to MineCraft, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, private servers - now they expect only the remaining paid memberships to vote. While much of those same members could care less either way given the fact botters and gamblers have no need for RS1 or RS2 and simply do what they do just fine in RS3. *smh* Good luck to us all if we reach 250k much less 500k or 750k. And I love how they updated the vote page with a chart comparing the different vote qualifications like some sort of spec chart for buying a version of Windows or buying a year worth of RuneScape membership. In the end of the day this vote all comes down to pure profit. They've earned $1.8m thus far from the vote. This means RS2 will cost us $15 + $7.98 a month. Only if they earn $5.9m from this vote will they consider giving us the option to keep our F2P servers.
  14. Finally found a good remake for RuneScape 2006 (thanks Amber), and through that a remake of classic (thanks Ko9).

  15. source:*E/gameguide/ ,*E/gameguide/ Remember why we all left Zynga games when YoVille, CafeWorld, FarmVille changed in to nothing but updates for cash? Rather than being a fun free game to pass the time while on FaceBook. Jagex is following in those same footsteps with today's hidden update. April 2nd 2012 they sneaked in Wheel of Fortune for free, shortly after they are selling gambling for cash to children ages 13 and up. A week later they removed their own offense from the Real-World Trading rule so it now states only Jagex may sell 'Jagex property'. Opposed to other websites offering the EXACT SAME (XP and items) for less. Today, July 17th 2012 they've made the second Real-World Trading offense. Offering unfair benefits if players buy 'RuneCoins' - similar to 'YoCash' in Zynga's YoVille, in order to get special treatment in a new makeover store. Isn't it meant to be free to begin with? Ever since RuneScape was created and they added MakeOver Mage, the haircut guy in Falador, and the clothes shop of Varrock. Expect the next hidden update to begin charging money to change your name, to appeal offenses, and possibly to change servers. After all this IS a 'business' as I'm being told.