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  1. Just a suggestion. Here are the latest bots whom infiltrated the forum to spam phishing links to multiple threads. mohd.khalil wanglili ylq zzzzz They're not even original in the spam. Just a bunch of foreign language or empty posts with 2017 replies to stuff last discussed in 2011 or 2013. If they are actual gamers then they would know how to contact an admin or mod for forum approval and acceptance. Just saying.
  2. +1 for admin to ban the spam bots
  3. Um.. what?
  4. Sucks this thread died 4 years ago. Was actually looking forward to checking back in to see what clues can actually earn. I remember doing a few when they were first added. Never much good so I never went back.
  5. Strange
  6. Old group is back like old Ventrilo. I miss the old days with Minecraft chill and game. Skype just isn't the same.
  7. Woah awesome pics. It's good to have memories of life experiences. Also crazy how long it's been since I've checked in on here.
  8. Great event. Good memories. Looking for to seeing current news to discuss - like the endless nerfs on Inventor skill and this weekly Treasure Hunter excuse to sell Bonds and cash benefits even though they claimed SoF was never about actual benefits for cash.
  9. Move post to section I'm not permitted to start new posts:,295,176,64905427beta testing:
  10. An old topic but just noticed this. Yes DJ Dan main function was posting RS News and he did it well. Perhaps make replies in this section not count toward total post count and he can get his self-appointed job back. Other than that if something needs posting I normally cover all RS news (SoF and Solomon RWT aside) on my Facebook and Facebook clan page as well my website. Could maybe stop off here and copy/paste it as well.
  11. Thanks again. Loving the game! Grats to everyone else whom also won.
  12. Yeah it's awesome. Livestreaming it right now while chilling on Vent and AFKing RSOS. I saw the game in Walmart years ago but never really considered buying it because I wasn't sure how good it is.
  13. Can't wait until RSG2013 on April 20th 2013! Gonna be chilling with Amber up on Ice Mountain.

  14. I got stuck in the hospital March 8th - 11th. Finally out and updated my PC to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Downloaded Steam again, and recovered my old account. Let's do this. Hit me up via inbox or Ventrilo next time you're on and I'm read to download this game.
  15. Just heard the good news on Vent from Feinraf. Sweet! I've seen reviews of the original Serious Sam but never actually bought it. Give me until next week when my external drive comes in. I have to back up my files and reinstall a clean copy of Win7Home, then maybe Steam won't claim there needs to be an internet connection to install properly.