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  1. **UPDATE POST 2** Skills finished Firemaking Woodcutting Fletching Skills in progress Thieving 45 (As of this post) Next Skill(s) Hunting Back to combat goals ~Dan
  2. **UPDATE POST** Hey guys! Miss me? I have been very busy on RS lately trying to get up my combat skills to 50+, and so now my mining and smithing has gone up to 70 - 80+! I decided to take a break from mining and smithing to be able to work on my other skills to what I want them to be. **SKILLS UPDATED** FishingCooking**SKILL IN PROGRESS** Thieving**SKILLS NEXT** WoodcuttingFiremakingHunterFarming (Being worked on while other skills are being trained)ConstructionFinish up Combat skills**NEWS** So after some recent thought, and with the release with legacy mode, I am now doing my iron man skills onto RS3! **RS3 ADDONS** DivinationSummoningDungoneeringThe Blood Pact QuestThe Death of Chivalry QuestDeath Plateau in FREE listDruidic Ritual in FREE listLet Them Eat Pie QuestMyths of the White LandsA Shadow over Ashdale QuestStolen Hearts QuestSwept Away QuestWhat's Mine is YoursWolf WhisleAll Fired Up QuestBirthright of the Dwarves QuestBlood Runs Deep QuestThe Branches of Darkmeyer QuestBringing Home the Bacon QuestThe Brink of Extinction QuestBuyers and Sellers QuestCarnillean Rising QuestThe Chosen Commander QuestA Clockwork Syringe QuestDeadliest Catch QuestDefender of Varrock QuestDiamond in the Rough QuestDo No Evil QuestThe Elder Kiln QuestFate of the Gods QuestForgettable Tale QuestFur 'n' Seek QuestHunt for Red Raktuber QuestLand of the Goblins QuestLegacy of Seergaze QuestLove Story QuestMaking History QuestMeeting History QuestThe Mighty Fall QuestMissing my Mummy QuestMissing, Presumed Death QuestNomad's Requiem QuestOne Piercing Note QuestThe Prisoner of Glouphrie QuestQuiet Before the Swarm QuestRitual of Mahjarrat QuestRune Mechanics QuestRune Memories QuestSalt in the Wound QuestScorpion Catcher QuestShadow of the Storm QuestThe Slug Menace QuestSmoking Kills QuestSome Like it Cold QuestSong from the Depths QuestSpirit of Summer QuestSpirits of Elid QuestSummer's End QuestThe Tale of Muspah QuestThe Temple at Senntisten QuestTokTz-Ket-Dill QuestA Void Dance QuestThe Void Stares Back QuestWhile Guthix Sleeps QuestWithin the Light QuestThe World Wakes QuestIt might seem like alot to accomplish, but I plan to do it! Wish me luck. ~Dan
  3. LOL @ the ending for the second video. This is not a dating site and most likely the girls are guys because girls don't play games. Just kidding call me. Very good Ossy XD ~Dan
  4. I would think so, since Mojang has posted this on their homepage, they are expecting ALL servers to follow these rules they have put in place. ~Dan
  5. So I don't know how many of you take a look at the Mojang homepage, but Mojang has recently put up a post letting down the law of how Minecraft servers should work. These are the laws: As I see it, Minecraft players are not going to be happy with these laws being implemented. My questions are, what if a server doesn't follow these laws? How is Mojang going to monitor that? Could they possibly edit the coding in the game so that they can take over whatever server they want? Any thoughts? https://mojang.com/2014/06/lets-talk-server-monetisation/ ~Dan
  6. As I said that most of the quests I had done back in RS2 so I'm not too worried about getting all these goals done. But before I do the quests, I want to get my skills goals done first. ~Dan
  7. Firstly before you read my goals, I'd like to mention that I have created my new RS account so that it is self efficient. If you don't know what that is, it is that I get all the items I want myself. I don't spend any money and I try to spend as less as possible. Skills: 50 Attack50 Defence50 Strength50 Hitpoints50 Range50 Prayer50 Magic50 Cooking50 Woodcutting50 Fletching50 Fishing50 Firemaking50 Crafting50 Smithing50 Mining50 Herblore50 Agility50 Thieving50 Slayer50 Farming50 Runecrafting50 Hunter50 ConstructionQuests - Free: Black Knight's FortressCook's AssistantDemon SlayerDoric's QuestDragon SlayerErnest the ChickenGoblin Diplomacy Imp CatcherThe Knight's SwordPirate's TreasurePrince Ali RescueThe Restless GhostRomeo & JulietRune MysteriesSheep ShearerShield of ArravVampire SlayerWitch's PotionMember: Animal Magnetism Another Slice of H.A.M.Between a Rock....Big Chompy Bird HuntingBiohazardCabin FeverClock TowerCold WarContact!Creature of FenkenstrainDarkness of HallowvaleDeath PlateauDeath to DorgeshunnDesert TreasureDevious MindsThe DigsiteDream MentorDruidic RitualDwarf CannonEdgar's RuseEagle's PeakElemental Workshop IElemental Workshop IIEnakhra's LamentEnlightened JourneyThe Eyes of GlouphrieFairytale I - Growing PainsFairytale II - Cure a queenFamily CrestThe FeudFight ArenaFishing ContestForgettable TaleThe Fremennik TalesThe Fremennik TrialsGarden of TranquilityGertrude's CatGhost AhoyThe Giant DwarfThe GolemThe Grand TreeThe Great Brain RobberyGrim TalesThe Hand in the SandHaunted MineHazeel CultHeros QuestHoly GrailHorror from the DeepIcthlarin's Little HelperIn Aid of MyrequeIn Search of the MyrequeJungle PotionKing's RansomLegends QuestLost CityThe Lost TribeLunar DiplomacyMaking HistoryMerlin's CrystalMonk's FriendMonkey MadnessMountain DaughterMourning's End Part IMourning's End Part IIMurder MysteryMy Arm's Big AdventureNature SpiritObservatory QuestOlaf's QuestOne Small FavourPlague CityPriest in PerilRag and Bone ManRat CatchersRecipe for Disaster - Only have the first part done as of right now of this post.Recruitment DriveRegicideRoving ElvesRoyal TroubleRum DealScorpion CatcherSea SlugShades of Mort'tonShadow of the StormSheep HerderShilo VillageThe Slug MenaceA Soul's BaneSpirits of the ElidSwan SongTai Bwo Wannai TrioA Tail of Two CatsTears of GuthixTemple of InkovThrone of MiscellaniaThe Tourist TrapTower of LifeTree Gnome VillageTribal TotemTroll RomanceTroll StrongholdUnderground PassWanted!WatchtowerWaterfall QuestWhat Lies BelowWitch's HouseZogre Flesh EatersSo you are probably wondering why I have this many goals. Well here is the explanation. Since my account is self efficient it will take me a while to get these goals, but also most of the quests listed above, I did back when RS2 was still out. So getting these goals shouldn't be a problem. ~Dan
  8. Hello Chris. Can you do me a favor and remove these two members http://gamingheavens.com/community/index.php?/user/15170-marcusant/ http://gamingheavens.com/community/index.php?/user/15171-matthewxd/ They are IRL friends of mine and they made accounts to troll the forum.

    1. Feinraf


      If you want to ban a member, just go to their profile and hit 'flag as spammer' - it automatically deletes all of their posts and bans them. Don't do this to long-standing accounts though, just spammers and brand new trolls.

  9. From what I remember when I was a dedicated member a couple years ago to GH, gravedigging posts were against forum rules...so since this post was originally made in 2009, I wasn't sure if it would be gravedigging if I were to reply to the topic. ~Dan
  10. I hope this isn't breaking forum rules, but would this be gravedigging considering Ozzy made the above post? ~Dan
  11. Alright then. EDIT: What about this for an idea: What if someone took all the servers to create one big server? ~Dan
  12. One question, So I have helped a server with plugin issues before and there are plugins where when they install, there is a MySQL error, what if that kind of situation happens? ~Dan
  13. If you guys need any building help, I could possibly be of service, just contact me on skype ~Dan
  14. Well I guess the rumors were true back in the first version of Runescape. They decided to finally have the sailing skill put out in Runescape! ~Dan
  15. Happy B-Day Matt, on this great April Fools day ~Dan