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  1. The only damage to my house were 2 small cracks in one of the walls, but that's abou it. Oh yeah, Ossy, I think I get to experience a hurricane too! I'm pretty sure Irene is going to hit Virginia. :c
  2. Experienced my first earthquake today, there was one in the east coast. It started in Virginia Virginia doesn't get earthquakes either. It was a 5.9 lol, and it was pretty fun, I guess.
  3. Happy Birthday mate!

  4. Thing is, a decent gaming PC can costs at the very least $400... I have a PS3, and it's just AVERAGE. I've experienced PC, PS3, AND Xbox 360. The 360 is the best console overall, and the PC: Play it if you can afford to get a good PC. Anyway, the communities are all the same. Any which way you go you'll run into younger gamers, that don't seem to know anything about gaming except aiming, shooting, and moving around.
  5. I just found this, and I was like, WTF. Autotune:
  6. Considering I'm 13 and I play on the PS3... SOMETIMES... Uh, I don't know. There are quite a bit of kids my age on PSN. Either way, you'll run into kids when you play on any platform so it really doesn't matter. That's why there's a mute feature in most games. Also, I'm pretty sure Xbox has a better community, or at least better online from my perspective. Both PSN and XBL are good, it's just the matter of choosing whether you want a blu-ray player for about 100 dollars more.
  7. I'm trying to decide which Turtle Beach headset to get for my computer. Should I get the Z2 or EarForce X11? Also, will they both work with a digital sound card, or do I need an adapter...?
  8. I don't know what to call this land mass.
  9. I'm trying to decide which case I'm going to buy. Currently, this is my default choice. What cases do you guys have, and do you have any suggestions for a cheap, good gaming case?
  10. Did you tell your family or asked a nurse/doctor? I don't know, it may be.
  11. Yeah, it's winter time in the USA, and it's freezing here in Virginia. At the moment, it's about 16 degrees. What about you guys?
  12. Fucking magnets, how do they work?
  13. I always watched my dad and his friend play as dwarf hunters. They looked awesome, especially with those rifles, I also heard they do a decent amount of damage... Anyway, I would go with hunter.
  14. I have an LG Cosmos. My dad doesn't want to pay for a data plan, but it's alright.