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  1. I see you've only just discovered The Gregory Brothers.
  2. This really isn't old news. But hey, it doesn't make it any less pathetic. Did you know, this stupid prick makes a six digit salary, from YouTube alone? An asshole who fucks with his voice, is someone all the little kids admire?... *sigh*
  3. My friend recently told me about this game. I've downloaded it but have yet to instal it. I shall go and do that now, it looks fairly fun
  4. Yeah man, where did my post go where I gave my opinion on Runefest and gave Marty another opinion... I have it archived anyway, so meh. As I said in my opinion on Runefest:
  5. I am Emma Watson. No really, I am.
  6. Fix'd
  7. The soundtrack of my life is: It's just an overall happy song, shows the beauty of our universe and expresses my love of the planet etc. The song, it's a journey, through my life. Sound, music, liquid Dnb. Favourite song, always has been, always will be. Logistics <3 Also, science wins life everytime, and the video shows that... man, I love life. I love you guys, awww many hugs, love you guys... bawwww.
  8. Okay, I figured seeing as though there are no topics on this subject I would make one myself. I'm hoping that with this topic people can share and discuss various compilers that they use, this will be great for people looking to try out languages and not knowing where to start when looking for compilers etc. It'll help them find a good compiler to get started. Something like that anyway. The idea of this topic is as follows: -What language you work with? (real programming languages, none of this scripting crap) -What is your experience/skill with the language? (new to it, learning, pro?) -What compiler you use? -Why you use this compiler? -What's the compiler you loathe out of them all, and why? Okay, so I from time to time play about with C++, and I love it to bits. I'm pretty amateur at it, and in no way do I have the skill to make a proper program. I'm still learning, but at my own pace. I personally use MinGW to compile any C++ files I make. The great thing about MinGW is that it also compiles Objective-C and Java. I think it's great. As I'm no expert with C++, in fact far from it, it's a great compiler for quickly compiling together little bits of code that I want to play around with. For a while I used Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express, while that's all good and dandy I find for learning, it's not the best because it helps you out too much on the coding side. When I learn, I like to do it all by hand. Doing it by hand helps you learn the syntax easier and if you make any bad mistakes you have to properly inspect your code, check the casing etc. The compiler I hate the most? I can't really comment on that personally because I'm no expert in them or anything, but I'm hoping that you guys sharing your most hated compilers, and the reasons will enlighten others in the opinions about them. So, hopefully it'll be good if we can get a discussion on your compiler of choice, and why you like it!
  9. I jumped into paint to do this quickly, to add my two-cents. I think that would be a pretty awesome way of doing it, without the odd button. The button would of course be like the rest. When you click reply it would simply add @[username] to your post, and maybe something like their post number, like @Fantikerz-#10. The post number being added would simply let people know what post they are addressing in their reply. The quote function would do just that, quote a persons post, serving as the current reply button, and multi-quote would be the same. That's how I would personally go about it.
  10. Yes, there is another way to register it, it's called purchasing a license legally. If you're going to pay for anything, pay for fraps. If you're looking for free software and don't like the free software then I suggest quit looking for free software, instead, BUY the commercial product and support the damn makers.
  11. But what if someone needs to address a particular point within someones post? I say simply rewrite the reply code, because that's essentially what @[username] things are. You're replying to them and not quoting what they say. What I'm trying to say is this: quoting someone is not the same as replying to someone. A reply is to direct a post towards someone without nitpicking at shit they say; quoting someone is when you use a specific thing they've said and reply to that point. I know you know I know you know that already, I'm just trying to show you that what you suggested wasn't really the best thing to do. If rewriting anything is necessary then Marty/RJ should recode the reply button to adding an @ pre-fix as opposed to retarding the whole quoting mechanism. Maybe add an extra button for "Quote post" instead. btw, I've kinda been lacking in sleep for the past few days, apologies if what I just said made no sense whatsoever.
  12. There's already an @ tool, it's quite popular too: Here it is
  13. Quit now. No please, it'll be for the best.
  14. None of them can truly wrestle, all they're doing is acting.