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  1. ya i got mw2 and if u wana me (i suck only lv 64 :w ) im up for a good challenge add me my user name is abyssaltyler
  2. my disk drive thing broke my friend took it apart and said it was the thing that makes the disk spin idk what he said heres a vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foWlCtEBD78&feature=subtivity if any 1 can help me in getting a new disk drive or anything that might help that would be great thank you
  3. How can you do the fast start? start with blowing ur engine and work ur way down thats how i learned it (try when the 2 starts to fade out ) Which car is the best one/what kind of stats shold it have? i dont use karts but bikes i can do i like small-bullet bike mid-mach bike large bowser/flameruner if u need any more help with it just ask ill race ya to if u want {lol}
  4. my dest top pr sucsk XD
  5. hay if u got pics u want to post but dont want to make a thread post here idc what they r what game whos on it just put them here as long as its appropriate
  6. ok this is for friend codes for the wii if u got internet for it somepeople dont but me and my other friend play mario kart wii online and we want to race random people (we win some and lose some :s) so its his we so he gots ssbb, mkw,etc we mostly play mkw (mario kart wii) but me and him cheat (no hack) on it, do short cuts as in gliches in the game XD so if u want to race me and him we r about 6000-7000 vr and we dont battle much so have fun and hope we race my mario kart wii friend code is 1247-7077-9541
  7. nice 1's
  8. good luck
  9. lol nice pics guys
  10. hhmm i would train all me free skills so they were all even (not rc cause my friend told us it was member -.- and i couldnt tell what was free and what was not O_O {bang_head} ) but all my friends would help me wc and give me money (be4 trade limet came in :Z ) but the skill that was not even was prayer XD
  11. cause the moon must not like u (no afance) y is a banana yellow?