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  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  2. It sucks that there isnt a full range of notes, it would be awesome hearing very complex songs
  3. Wish i could of just watched this video, i got dragged to the actual god damned movie.
  4. i honestly like civ 4 alot more
  5. Mine was donkey kong 64 i loved that game
  6. @maxy it scared the hell out of me b/c i didnt notice the radar at the bottom so when i would be walking arround a scary zombie looking thing would attack me and i was lke omg i cant play this.
  7. I've build my house on top of a super massive cave system
  8. Thats not my problem, mine is constantly getting 20+ kills every game and my teamates constantly die and my team loses. If they did 1/10 as good as i do we would win.
  9. I have both, xbox has won my heart. Ps3 is only for playing lbp 1-2.
  10. National Football League
  11. I've been waiting for this since he announced it
  12. I don't really need it anymore, i just use the rs toolbar for lookups
  13. I have... Battlefield bad company Battlefield bad company 2 Brutal legend Borderlands Civilization revolution Call of duty: Black OPS Call of duty 4: modern warfare Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 Call of duty: world at war Dante's inferno Dragonball raging blast Fable II Fable III Fallout 3 Grand theft auto: Episodes from liberty city Halo 3 Halo ODST Halo Reach Halo Wars Just Cause 2 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Lost planet Madden 10 Mirrors Edge Phantasy Star Universe Red Dead Redemption The Saboteur SONIC the Hedgehog Split/second Unreal tournament III (soon to get) Brink Mass effect 2 Bullet storm Portal 2
  14. I like griffball on h3 more than reach but its still fun. I ilike how they mix it up with the diffrent forge world maps.
  15. I use a razer mouse, a lot of their stuff looks pretty awesome and the mouse works beautifully
  16. I'd love it. I imagine it would work a lot like clan chats. That way you dont hear little kids screaming constantly.
  17. You can have a lot more fun on halo than on black ops. It seems that all cod is anymore is just shooting people, nothing more than that.
  18. fallout all the way, took it back the end day i had it. Got it again, realized it loved it.
  19. you got to admit though its a good game for ww2, people are just haters because of the guns are weaker than cod4
  20. banned for having no soul