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  1. Fav wii game?

    Super Smash Bros. Melee
  2. "Still Alive" from Portal by Minecraft Note Blocks

    It sucks that there isnt a full range of notes, it would be awesome hearing very complex songs
  3. Justin Bieber - Never Say Never

    Wish i could of just watched this video, i got dragged to the actual god damned movie.
  4. Civilization 5

    i honestly like civ 4 alot more
  5. Poll: favorite classic gaming? Mario 64 bape

    Mine was donkey kong 64 i loved that game
  6. Which is better?

    @maxy it scared the hell out of me b/c i didnt notice the radar at the bottom so when i would be walking arround a scary zombie looking thing would attack me and i was lke omg i cant play this.
  7. Rare Ore And Dungeon

    I've build my house on top of a super massive cave system
  8. Halo: Reach

    Thats not my problem, mine is constantly getting 20+ kills every game and my teamates constantly die and my team loses. If they did 1/10 as good as i do we would win.
  9. Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3

    I have both, xbox has won my heart. Ps3 is only for playing lbp 1-2.
  10. What's in the name?

    National Football League
  11. New launcher has been released!

    I've been waiting for this since he announced it
  12. Who Uses SwiftKit

    I don't really need it anymore, i just use the rs toolbar for lookups
  13. What Xbox Games Do You Own?

    I have... Battlefield bad company Battlefield bad company 2 Brutal legend Borderlands Civilization revolution Call of duty: Black OPS Call of duty 4: modern warfare Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 Call of duty: world at war Dante's inferno Dragonball raging blast Fable II Fable III Fallout 3 Grand theft auto: Episodes from liberty city Halo 3 Halo ODST Halo Reach Halo Wars Just Cause 2 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Lost planet Madden 10 Mirrors Edge Phantasy Star Universe Red Dead Redemption The Saboteur SONIC the Hedgehog Split/second Unreal tournament III (soon to get) Brink Mass effect 2 Bullet storm Portal 2
  14. Grifball!

    I like griffball on h3 more than reach but its still fun. I ilike how they mix it up with the diffrent forge world maps.
  15. Best brand for gaming gear?

    I use a razer mouse, a lot of their stuff looks pretty awesome and the mouse works beautifully