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  1. Hello Friend,

    How are you today and how about your health,hope you are fine and good.Any well after going through your profile in this site i became interested in you.I will like to have you as my good friend whom i will like to share my life experience with.Your sex, age, race nor distance does not matter to me rather what matters most in a relationship is the maturity,truth and honest ...

  2. YOu have a lot of posts and your not on vent yet ?? O.O

  3. @Milkgotter Lmao thought the alliance was not from here, because nobody said it here. Some of my alliance members (the golden empire ranked 2) have fought you. If theres no reset after maintenance i wouldnt join it sorry.
  4. If you add idk to the options i will vote
  5. @ I hitpointed Im from UbNub my name was tehminingnoob there I would like to go to your party but im only a F2P
  6. I highly doubt cam is in machinima for money, the reason is that he hasnt made a video in a while, if hes there only for money then we would be uploading lots of vids but u can see that he hasnt uploaded something to machinima since August or near August
  7. hey im on royal gardens server too, dont be too exited now with the beta, as all servers will reset at least once, when a reset happens you have to restart the game from 0
  8. Rest stop In the end the protagonist is killed by the killer who was following her, she destroys his car and she thinks she escapped, just to see hes behind her... After her death another girl came to that rest stop and hears the vioce of the protagonist spirit begging for help. After that girl left the spirit of the protagonist is asking again for help and vomiting blood.
  9. Nice to see u back here. I will post my photo in this post later EDIT: sorry for making you wait for my image, i forgot to put it here This is a flash photo (i moved my camera a lot when making the photo) its not something made with computer
  10. Im listening to this guy who promises 300$ for every 100k views to the victims in haiti quake. in my opinion this is too bit, because hes struggling to even get 100k views. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URBdbxZjXlA
  11. Im almost solving this anagram, but i dont know what bedpost is. can you tell me?
  12. Will http://www.youtube.com/exclvids be added to the list?
  13. An interesting game in my opinion, it should have lots of features to be a new separated game like runescape. I expect it has way more features than armies of gielinor @skybenji they said its coming on january
  14. Welcome to the gh community i hitpointed, hope you have a great time here, i remember you at ubnub Good luck on reaching crafting 99. Also congratz on reaching hp 99, i know you played soul wars to do that, but still there aren't many hp skillers out there. I have questions for you: Have you reached slayer 40 just by using lamps? What are you doing to get money? @pi minigames like that are not responsible for increasing the amount of 100+ in rs, in the future you will see more and more 100+ and 120+ and so on, because players will have lvled up
  15. Both are fast, being chrome faster. Firefox has lots of add-ons, something that chrome doesnt, with add-ons you can change the color of your browser, block ads,etc. Chrome has better organization, it has for example its own task manager, if you have a lagging-tab you can close it without affecting the rest of your window. In firefox when one of your tabs crashes the whole window crashes, in chrome it doesnt happen. I prefer to use firefox as i can block runescape ads with it (yes im f2p)