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  1. Rule Skylar's 99 Woodcutting goal

    Good luuuuuuuck, Rule!!!! Youre having a party?
  2. Bonus xp weekend #3

    Probably firemaking, haha... =]
  3. Grave looting

    I think I would loot it lol. Free money!!
  4. It depends. If I need a certain skill higher, I'd use it on that. If I am doing combat, I'd use it on armour (if I don't already have it), lots of pots and food. So all in all it just depends.
  5. Lending Items per hour/day

    Wow that's quite nice. The prices even seem fair. I'm sure people will like this.
  6. Favorite Pokemon

    I agree with what Sam said, my favourite Pokémon is Pikachu too
  7. Favorite Handheld System

    GBA SP, and Nintendo DSi. I remember getting my first handheld console, which was a GBA SP, and I had a Pokémon game. I really loved it, and I still remember it, as if I had it yesterday. Nintendo DSi, because one of my friends, who's like a sister to me, has it, and we used to play a lot of Super Mario games on it, it was really enjoyable. My cousins have one too, and I played that too. I have played PSP before, one of my friends has it, but I'd prefer GBA SP or Nintendo DSi.
  8. The Wilderness and Free Trade Return!

    I changed my mind about the wildy and free trade... I don't like it anymore. Back then - Before the update, I was kind of "meh". I didn't really care, probably because I've never experienced the old wildy, and free trade. But when it came, I changed my mind about it... I just don't like it. It's easier now to get scammed, when you trade, and the wildy... Idk, I guess I just liked it, when it was peacefull, but oh well..
  9. I completely agree with what you're trying to say - It's sad, that people think, that JUST because your a p mod, you know about EVERY update, and everything thats gonna happen, and every information about it. It's stupid. It's not like p mods gets updates about rs, and not other players, because that's of course unfair for others. P mods are JUST like normal players, except for the fact that they have a silver crown, and they can mute...and get spammed with a lot of questions. So I agree with you.
  10. Show Us Your Workspace

    @Chris So...many...screens! So lucky to have that, though. Must be cool to play on multiple comps.
  11. My Channel & Designs

    Just checked it out - I like it! I *might* ask you to make one to me, if I get to see some more designs. Nice job though, and what program did you use for making the background? Keep up the good work!
  12. Next 99?

    Matty@ Construction? There is no Construction option in that poll. It was either Firemaking or Agility - I say Agility!
  13. left handed or right

    I am right handed. I can't use my left hand, I'll fail if I do so. =P But sometimes I can use left hand for certain things, although I can't draw, write, etc..with my left hand.
  14. Dan's 99 Attack Goal

    Nice work Daniel, your almost there!!!! When are you gonna have the party with Alex?
  15. How Much Is You Bank Worth/Rares?

    I have probably 20m-25m in my bank, currently. (i know i don't have much money)