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  1. I still play both eoc and rs3
  2. was thinking of some new items that could be dropped by the mage based slayer creatures in the new slayer dungeon coming later this month,here is what I came up with. Air spell cape-boost all air spells by 5% increasing over time to 15% damage. Earth spell cape-boost all earth spells by 5% increasing over time to 15% damage. Fire spell cape-boost all fire spells by 5% increasing over time to 15% damage. Water spell cape-boost all water spells by 5% increasing over time to 15% damage. Similar to the staff of light the capes will have a 1/10 chance of not using runes associated with your element attack. any suggestions are encouraged. I will have a supporters list to help get these capes into the game =D Monsters that will drop it will be the monster located in the new dungeon.Which ones will be determine upon release by Jagex. I bet your wondering what these capes would look like well here is a brief description of each. Air spell cape-Would have storm like clouds rolling around in your cape. Water spell cape- Would either be a waterfall or stream of water in the cape. Earth spell cape-moss and rock in the shape of a cape. Fire spell cape-Any suggestions would be nice without copying the tzhaar fire cape. Here are the stats we came up with. Attack bonuses Stab:+0 slash:+0 crush:+0 magic:+3 ranged:+0 Defence Bonuses stab:+3 Slash:+3 crush:+3 Magic:+8 Ranged:+0 Summoning:+4 Absorb Melee:+0% Absorb Magic:+0% Absorb Ranged:+0% Other Bonuses Strength:0 Ranged str:0 Prayer:+0 Magic Damage:+5% Requirements to wear: 60 Magic Go here to check my thread on the official RSF. http://services.rune...87,highlight,#7
  3. DreganDice irl vlogs Well in the past week I been getting bombared with request from differ youtube vloggers and from people in game asking me questions and telling me how much they enjoy my vlogs. i am very pleased by this and shocked but not complaining since I actually really enjoy making the videos for your viewing pleasure so maybe im wrong but see what the buzz is all about,by clicking the link above.
  4. after doing some caculation I get my veterans cape on October 5th 2011 =D so that means Dregan Dice stepped onto Tutorial Island for the first time on Oct.5th 2006
  5. Grats GH on the birthday great job guys =) As a former member of Runegamer this has a come a long waY =)
  6. Actually with all this publicty cano you would think they would almost have to try to implement a game plan to make the game better overall for all the new people they may join the game by seeing it on Facebook. i go on facebook and I dont log on to rs that way but I dont really get runescape type stuff on my profile either so I dont see where you see this lefty,however I personally dont look at adverts I just read my messages and my friends post. However I agree with John on how Jagex is doing their best,but I do agree with you that cramming facebook down our throats is exactly what their doing and I believe facebook has something to do with it. Like gamestop had something to do with the promotion of the katana blade which I have by the way and I only got it because I shop at gamestop anyway and I usually buy 90 day members if I have the money so I dont have to worry about renewing for awhile, the sword does nothing that a iron 2h could do,it just looks cool. To me its basically a gift from Jagex and gamestop saying thanks. Now dont get my wrong im sure this a great business plan, people wlll spend more money at gamestop and jagex will be glad they are buying 90 day members instead of 30 which helps to create a long term member. Which im sure they are doing for the business and eventually they will have to listen to us because without us that make no money so obviously they are going to try to make the majority happy.
  7. Yes alot of things dropped in price since the re release of the wild and free trade. Chaotic weapons,claws,and other things dropped the godswords price badly, I think the AGS is only like 46m I remember when it was like 100m so ye D boots are only 180k g maul is like 29k if that lol..so some things that use to be good for slayer drops have definelty decreased in value street and Ge. there you go Fatscape
  8. I hope it comes with an emote lol.
  9. Basically I was the sole leader noone had the dedication or couldn't run it like I could. Cool that your clan has lasted 6 years :-D.
  10. Fixed it guys
  11. Woo very nice
  12. On a five fact video I did years ago I mentioned on there that I once ran a clan. I never really went into detail about it,but today I am. I usually post this types of columns in the runescape post newspaper thread I created but have noticed it may get lost in the post and I believe this to be more of front page news article if you will ha ha. Back to the subject at hand the reason I bring this up is i'm actually excited and impressed with the latest update implemented by Jagex. If this update was around when my first clan was thriving it is possible it would still be around today. I never thought of myself as a leader but I started enjoying leading others through my creativity of rewards,meetings,perks and even special events for clan members who did well for the good of the clan. Basically what I most proud of was people enjoyed how much effort I put into planning,writing the threads,recruiting and trying my best to make it an enjoyable experience for all clan members. We weren't the best clan when came to pking but we all had fun as group and it showed by some of our victories which wasn't much due to the clan as a whole not being experienced pkers. After about six months of this the clan grew and the events got easier with the loyalty to me as a clan leader,however it started getting difficult with complaints of other members not getting along when I wasn't around and arguments of who was my 2nd in command. Which now thinking about it not being arrogant but I believe the person I chose didn't live up to the clans expectations of taking my place in my absense. It got to the point where I had to basically do it alone and that is the reason the clan failed because as soon as I left and gave it up to another person it disbanded shortly after. That brings me back to the new clan system and many new features it brings which I as deputy owner like alot to the point where I will bring my leadership skills back to action and hope to bring my expertise of a former clan leader to light. Chaotic Bliss is the clan owned by Techno Mage. I will be in charge in what I love to do and thats create our forums. I think this time will be different due to the new command structure and I wont be leading alone. So if your not yet in a clan join chaotic Bliss. On a side note i'd like to mention that reason I did not join Excl's clan was because I see Excl as a friend not as my clan leader. Plus this gives me a chance to recruit them as allies and have friendly wars with when the clans are all online. Its nothing personally but I see that clan as more of fun clan as I see ours as a more based runescape clan for all levels. Any new clan leaders like to be allies with us feel free to contact me or techno by post here or in game. On the runescape official forums i will have an allies post. I hope this gave you an insight of clans. (Sorry I orginally wrote this from my phone and It didnt look bunched up from there my apologizes )
  13. Hey daniel Jon here just wanted to wish you luck on your goal and congrats on your currents level up's lol.
  14. I don't think i've read it but did they say what the requirements were to access the veteran's cape?
  15. Hey guys those who like IRL channels and havent yet seen my ugly mug I have a new irl vid talking about clans and gaming heavens Dregan Dice talks about clans and gamingheavens