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  1. New videos up on youtube www.youtube.com/krule316 also check out my IRL channel www.youtube.com/dregandice

  2. Runescape post newspaper

    The wild is back and free trade has made some people wealthy or poor,whichever has happen to you its still been a exciting time. I believe the scamming is back in full force I have yet to see any bots around at least like the old days at the yews,but then again I havent been skilling. I know some scams out there are happening though. One happen to me for the first time in my 5-6 years playing runescape. Long story short was 1 iteming in the deep wild a pker by the name of "Yupimbomber"Pmed and said this other 1 itemer was annoying him could i kill him. So I did this with dragon claws making sure my prayer never lowered always having on protect item prayer. So after a few fun times of killing this other 1 itemer which i came to find out he was a friend of yupimbombers.They did the old pick up crap item saves over better item scam,which me not knowing I figure hey more free stuff,Well yupimbomber correctly betted i pick up spirit shield at this time they are around 200k so I figure why not lol.Unaware to me it protected over claws and yupimbomber became 25m richer. I did report the scam and made sure to make it clear all over the forums this player is a scammer and should never be trusted. I didnt take kindly to it so out of retalation I did try to make his life gaming life tough until most likely he blocked me lol. Sad kids do this,and if what makes it worse they wont learn,I am sure others have fallen victim to this and to be honest I would laugh if yupimbomber was banned for scamming. It was a plot to steal which in the real world is a crime and would put you in jail. Therefore I urge all doing it or have fallen victim to stand up against scamming and other things that practically steal from you. To make my scammer mind boggled I did give him 3m in trade for no reason haha basically showing him this is a game and i could care less but the princlple of the matter is what I am most distraught is this player is a 138 and obviously dont have the mentality to not scam and win his pks with honor,this player has no honor he is a coward, a cheat and flat out stupid. I bet if he read this I would get flamed and to be honest Id laugh because it would be true what I say,I hope he learns from this and dont take his cheating and scamming out of game because I hate to see a life wasted like his account. I have recently got my losses back thanks to friends and this kid has to learn that karma is a bitch and one day his claw stealing will result in possibly losing his account.
  3. Runescape post newspaper

    Dungeoneering is it a mini game or a skill? That question has been a debate since its release into Gilenor. Whatever it is I have come to like it and not like it at the same time. Getting xp for this "skill" for me anyhow has been a pain. I am level 51 and got a little grasp how to level it efficiently. The guide's I have seen are all beginner guides and really don't go into detail on stuff I want to know. Most people say don't do med dungeons but that seems to be best xp at least at this level. Many opinions on how to train the skill in the beginning floors are all different and the difficult task of keeping a team together for more than 3 floors is like pulling teeth. After one floor i'm usually ready to quit especially after the pathetic xp. I have learned now of bonus x p and what not to do in the skill but again the skill at least at this level is the toughest to level especially when your goal is to get a chaotic rapier. Feel free to leave tips and other ways to make my dungeoneering expirence a better one.
  4. How Much Is You Bank Worth/Rares?

    105m with some of best stuff and cash
  5. When you started Runescape

    I've told this story a few times. In october of 2006 I use to be hooked to ps2 football game's love creating teams that weren't dominate but had under dog can beat ya potential. I took a break a notice a friend of mine playing runescape. I asked him all bout it and he showed me how to create an account. My first account krule316 (the name I used in my old r p g Aol days lol its also my you tube name woo cheap plug )funny thing is my very first friend on the game showed me mining and at the time liked it i can't stand it now lol. After getting a bit bored with this skill i was told about p king on krule it was hopeless kept getting owned so the same friend who showed me runescape told me to make a pure if i wanted to pk. Dregan Dice was born. A mage pure didn't do too well in pking but i did well enough to continue playing and thanks to some rangers pure I scraped the mage and trained range until i got members and joined a clan that really motivated me to get dregan to where he is today.
  6. Runescape post newspaper

    "The folklore of runescape" written by Dregan Dice The creature in a block of ice,a cold look of terror. A nightmare for those who dream it in the deep slumber of their despair. I recently completed the tale of the musaph quest. (I know easy quest what can I say i'm noob.) The history and lore of runescape was brought out in this quest pretty well however I was hoping for more,being a historically guru I enjoy myths, legends,and folklore. This quest brought the mythology aspects of runescape to my eyes and got me in the mood to do more quest related to this story line namely defender of varrock and the quest you get curses from. (the name escapes me at the moment.) I am eager to see how many took the time to read this quest for its historically purposes. I usually only do quest that benefit me or need to do to accomplish my current goals. This recent quest was done for the future of getting 93 slayer to do ice strykewyrms,but was a nice suprise to see the ending result of a quest I put off for so long. In the near future I plan too finish more quest to seek this knew knowledge of interesting folklore in the game runescape.
  7. what makes runescape worth playing to you?

    Simply put my goals on levels and friends i talk to on a regular basis. Also new rewards from castle wars has been keeping me logged in lately.
  8. Runescape post newspaper

    Ok there seems to be some misconception on what this thread is about. You can read the two articles by myself and osborne to get an idea on a article or story you'd like to share. If you don't like to write you can comment on any article or story posted here. Hope that clears it up. Glad you all enjoy the thread
  9. Runescape post newspaper

    I thought Nomads requiem was a tough one. I really cant comment on the other 2 quest since I have yet to do them,but giving their simplicity I may give them a shot. I kinda disagree without you though on some things, I kinda understand your point of it being too easy of boss fights but for you bosses like nomad are your thing,I would rather pull my hair out then do nomad again lol,but to me not dying during quest and just getting a feel for a good storyline makes a good quest for me. My favorite quest really was the fairytales quest part 1-3 kinda disappointed on 3s storyline with the toothfairy but I was going with it and thought the quest series was very well done as a whole. As you said though even the storyline for the other quest were not to your standards and if you could when you return and feel free to add more I like know your opinion on the storyline aspect of the quest. Thanks for posting Osborne it was a good read =D
  10. Runescape post newspaper

    "The Wilderness" Written by Dregan Dice Runescape date 1225168 A new man emerges from the depths of tutorial island to seek out new life and new civilizations,to boldly go where no noob has gone before. The Wilderness deathly hallows creep into ones soul by the howls of suffering and pain,through blood and glory of victory does one not taste vengeance. I stand with staff in hand and robes around my body ready to endure ones seek of greed and despair. The Wilderness a runecrafters nightmare come true has once again been awaking from the depths of zamoraks pit of ungodly chaos. Pkers rejoice as the ashes and echos of we pay we pk drift into the quiet night. The wilderness has returned! I started playing runescape before the ditch was a wall before the ditch was not even known, and the wild was a place noobs got destroyed by clans who would lure them into the welcoming arms of a mager that recently got 99 as a pure. My thoughts on the wild returning to old is a good one I never disliked it but I never really realized how spoiled we really were during the revenants reigns as terrors of the wild.A clue scroll during my noob days was a foreign word to me and now thinking of all the new weapons and armors it may be a challenge to do that once easy clue scroll in the wild,but challenge I say must be met,for those who remember the old wild remember how the community was during these times, you could sometimes be allowed passage without harm,if you were doing a simple task and the pkers knew you were no threat, today however I fear those free passes will be stricken down with cruel intentions of just doing a clue scroll or trying to slay the KBD.It will be you the average player who will be slain.I may be wrong but I may also be right,The wild returning has its good and bad points (I will only be talking about the wild free trade is for another article/opinion)Here are some of my good points. Old players returning to the game,I missed some of my old friends that haven't played for years,some of them have contact me and assured me of their return once the new wild returns. Possible free loot from drops that careless players may not suspect,on certain worlds in the old days the wild wasn't that busy and you could possibly fight a non pker and win and benefit from their mistake. Runecrafting in the abyss will be quite an adventure,Simply put we may see alot more nat running the graahk way. . Bad points of the wilderness return to old Luring,even though I'm pretty sure against the rules it happened then I don't know how it will be dealt with when it returns but it was a problem back then. Botting and real world trading may come back with a vengeance.simply put dust off your report button you may need it. clue scrolls may be alot more tougher. Yes I mentioned this but true,your high level noobs may think you have your clue and destroy you for it. In summary I did vote for the wild to return, and to be honest it was because I was against it being removed from the game to begin with.I liked going their whenever I felt the urge, it was something to do when everything else got boring to me. F2p pking was actually fun with my clan and I missed the old days of runescape and for a chance for some of it to return makes me smile. (Funny thing Osborne, as I was editing my post here I saw that you posted.With your permission I can proof read and edit for you, if you wish and if you could do mine as well,spell checked it, but grammar mistakes are my flaw lol.Thanks for posting and I will read its content and reply in a new post.)
  11. Runescape post newspaper

    Hey guys just an idea I had, what about our own newspaper or opinion page. Discussing things that you feel strongly about in game and like your voice to be heard this be the place. [*]Write a story or article on anything in runescape [*]if anyone would like to volunteer to edit post for this topic are more than welcome [*]please no rants about members of this forum or runescape. Also you can post here just to comment on the article/story that is written hope to see your runescape storys, strong, and powerful opinions soon
  12. Lefty's guide of daily money-making

    Posting from my phone f t w lol but anyhow good guide i think this is the 500k run i been hearing about sounds easy enough to do add a herb run with it and could easily make nice amount of g p a day the legit way along with slayer :-)
  13. Dragon Defenders , a Let down or not?

    I like it,I got 10 of them,lol and the attack bonuses make it a nice addition along with the +6 str bonus which is only -1 from the dfs
  14. favorite slayer task?

    I agree with osbourne Dark beast are epic xp and get you faster to that 99 goal =D