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  1. Faces Behind The Names

    Solider is cute. *is a huge sucker for blue eyes and glasses* >.>
  2. Zelos' art =D

    @Weegie Any drawing of you would be sexy, Weegie, 'cause you ish a sexy mo-fo. Mod Edit: Don't quote, use @ like i have above
  3. Zelos' art =D

    @Weegie ....That'd be both hot and creepy at the same time. Mod Edit: Don't quote, use @ like i have above, and >>>don't quote pictures!!<<<
  4. Zelos' art =D

    Ahmagawd it's Aaron.
  5. Zelos' art =D

    I usually draw on paper first, scan it to my computer, and use my tablet and Photoshop to clean it up and color it.
  6. Zelos' art =D

    Why is Charlie so fun to draw?!
  7. Zelos' art =D

    Click here first if you want to see what this picture is based on. ^^ Just ignore the girl. Charlie!! <3 Forgive me for taking up the whole page... this pic was like twice this big when I was done with it...
  8. What are you Listening to Right Now?

    I'm like, addicted to this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hws4X0skF1Y
  9. Faces Behind The Names

    As much as I don't wanna do this... here's me.
  10. Best Music To Dance To

    I don't dance, but if I did, I could probably dance to anything with a good beat, I'm not picky.
  11. The worst / most annoying song you've ever heard.

    I'd have to agree with you, but if you think it's so annoying, WHY DO YOU ALWAYS SING IT?
  12. Happy Birthday Charlie500

    Happy Birthday, Charlie! :lol: <333333333333333
  13. What is the Most Classic Game you have Played?

    Oh wow. I feel old. XD I played Frogger on the Atari WAY back in the day.
  14. What did you do on RuneScape when you were a newb?

    I killed ALOT OF COWS, then moved on to Hill Giants. Then I started mining and smithing because it seemed like decent money at the time. Then I became a member and never looked back.
  15. Happy Birthday Cavemannsiper

    Happy birthday, range nub. <3