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  1. Faces Behind The Names

    Solider is cute. *is a huge sucker for blue eyes and glasses* >.>
  2. Lukeeeeeeeee. <33333333333

  3. Zelos' art =D

    @Weegie Any drawing of you would be sexy, Weegie, 'cause you ish a sexy mo-fo. Mod Edit: Don't quote, use @ like i have above
  4. Zelos' art =D

    @Weegie ....That'd be both hot and creepy at the same time. Mod Edit: Don't quote, use @ like i have above, and >>>don't quote pictures!!<<<
  5. Zelos' art =D

    Ahmagawd it's Aaron.
  6. Zelos' art =D

    I usually draw on paper first, scan it to my computer, and use my tablet and Photoshop to clean it up and color it.
  7. Zelos' art =D

    Why is Charlie so fun to draw?!
  8. Alright, so two muffins are in an oven. They are sitting, cooling, and being baked. One of the muffins go "God, it's hot in here." Then the other muffin goes "Whoa..a talking muffin."

    Laugh now pl0x?

  9. Weegie is hot. Kthxbai.