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  1. I remember you perfectly X) called you hardyk0re back then
  2. I do remember you madskittles X) well I remember speaking with you before and seeing you oftenly. But yeh XD. And yes, I was just a moderator on the chatbox and had no forum permissions. I was also demoded for a little while but chris remoded me. (Got quite a good memory bout that XD) of course I remember Ossy, I cannot forget him XD and feinraf. Chris and a few others but I'd have to see their usernames XD
  3. Gamingheavens... The only forum where peoples actually call me by my name XD and thanks and nice picture 8D
  4. Guys, forgive me for the double post but this was the only way to show my recentess signature and that you guys know I added one XD I downloaded photoshop (elemental 7 XD yes it's an old version but it went with my tablet, so hey, I got a free photoshop 8D)
  5. XD Ossy, looks funny with the light shining on you, like if you were divine or something Been a while I havn't been on gamingheavens so there ya go With make up.... I feel weird with make up ._. *way too tomboy XDDD*
  6. I have no idea if you remember me... Cause I don't remember you... But I do remember runegamer X) I had been one of the moderators in the chat :'D and I remembered having fun there on runegamer XD I think I got on runegamer I was 13 and it closed when I was 14-15 years old but good ol' times X) but then it closed D: but there was evilchicken but then it also closed D: by the way I was angelgirl XD (Now I prefer CrazyAngel XD) If you do remember me you can still just try for fun to make me remember you XD Havn't been on this site for quite a while either X) (came back cause I happened to talk to MartyJ on facebook on a post of ossy XD and told him I'd go take a peek) ... Just by seeing my Signature... I def gotta change it ._. good thing I had made a new one a month ago for an other forum XD
  7. Woah this is a long one. I think my first console was a nintendo 64, its the oldest I get to remember.
  8. Ah its infact a good idea Heres an other one of me to not be spamming, it's something I bought at Cuba
  9. Ossy how can you have pics of Fein and not of me your kitty!!! Me I have pictures of everyone in my folders! Cause I be a creepy stalker!! Hurr durr
  10. You we're clearly playing with these.... things behind.. before that pic was snapped!!! Hurr hurr I pwned juu! Alright I fail I will leave now XD And yes, I am a kitty who has learned to write insane one
  11. NOOOOOO!!! Well.... maybe.... ALRIGHT I WAS *goes back to play with it*
  12. Heres a newer pic I was at the airport
  13. A trick on Gimp I learned with a video, the thing where you see the stripes in the background. I wanna try many different ways to do sigs so yeh Edit: Yay I've posted some new pics XD I should stop replying and only reply when I've done a new one lol... my topic goes down XD and I dun double post
  14. Well I just added a new one and I found a new trick
  15. @Feinraf Yes I'm planning in making more, try new tricks that I could find on youtube and stuff. And I'll do them when I want to but I might restart doing some for fun, i do find a little fun in doing those. @Fantikers what do you mean??? I didn't name you o_O you confused me right there