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  1. Chuck norris doesn't wet the bed. the bed wets itself. =)
  2. weird road signs STOP! hammer time! HELP! im stuck in a sign making factory You are leaving Canada, well done =) Accident on otherside of the road. Quick! Look! NEW YORK - this way If you can read this, you've crashed into my front yard. You're lonely, aren't you (insert your name here) GIANT EXCLIMATION MARK...AHEAD!!! Questions taken away from this years High schools exams What color does a smurf turn of you choke it? what is amnesia? is it... a) memory loss a) memory loss 4) battle of hastings if the answer is 9, what is the question? if a train is going 70 miles per hour, how surprised would you be? Weird things to hear from a weatherman There is a depression over the U.S. and now the weather why are you look at me for? look out the dang window now we go to lucy on top of the building. she isn't suppose to be there, she is just a bit depressed. Lines taken out from an action movie red or green red or green red or green? which one do 1 cut come on its only peppers. how long will this salad take? HERE'S!!!! simon get me the pentagon! then the triangle, then the square. i have amnesia. the tatoo's on my body will tell me what happened. Amber was here? I've been a serial killer for 4 years. they haven't given me a name yet. then, you bite some1 in the butt. now your the buttmuncher. AAHHH!!!!!!! THE BUTTMUNCHERS GOT ME!!! THE BUTTMUNCHERS GOT ME!!!
  3. your mama so stupid she locked herself outside of a motorcycle
  4. Things you should hear on an airplane or in the cockpit... "This is the captin speaking. We are not hear at the moment, please leave a message at the sound of the beep." And if you look to the right wing, you will see the charred remains of the left wing. This is a non-smoking flight, but if you do need to light up, you can come to the cockpit, we've opened a window. Your in-flight drew will be taking care of you today, and your hijackers name is Ebraheim! Thats the first cloud with a ski-lift on it i've seen before. Good we are flying. im too dang mad to drive. Would that fat people please move to the back of the plane! And if you look to your left, in a minute or so, you'll see me. bye! HOLD ON!!! I'VE JUST ENTERED US IN THE RED BULL CHALLENGE!!!
  5. gratz dude. if anyone didn't know im also goin for 99 wc...82 atm but hopefully 99 by end of 2009. running outa members though =(