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  1. SOTW 2: Aliens

    Can u make me a random thing for me? and like put deeds231 on it? and send it to me ill send u my e mail
  2. Yo mamma jokes--

    So yeh, do you guys know any guys and good yo mamma jokes like: Yo mammas so dumb she has to dig for her iq so if you know any good ones ...just reply... yea
  3. Poll : Why did the Gc20amber Cross the Road?

    she did that to pickup the squished chicken..
  4. 10 Favourite songs

    The geners i like are mostly rock,metal and stuff like that Bullet for my valentine: tears don't fall Seether: remedy Kiss: Lick it up Three days grace: i hate everythign about you Ozzy: crazy train rise against: like the angels Slipknot: duality Michael jackson: thriller (rip) Metallica: where ever i may roam Guns are roses: welcome to the jungle theyre not in order its not my top ten I don't think but well idk, that's not all of em.
  5. Do you know what GRINDS my GEARS?

    I hate it when like lvl 15- trade you for no reason then trade u crap then if u accept they will say money and if u devcline and say nty they will call you a noob even if u like 80 lvls higher or something